I’m not sure who first said, ‘witch, heal thyself’, but it is something that you will hear repeated a lot in witchy circles. It is generally said as a reminder that we all have the capability to healourselves just as well if not better, than we can heal other people. While it can be about mixing the right herbs or burning the right aromatherapy oils, it is more often about using the power of our minds and our connection with the divine and natural energy around us, to channel inwards.

If someone was to ask your help in sending energy to them, towards a specific emotional state or ailment, you would have the tools in your Book of Shadows now to be able to do that. Everything that you could do for them, you could do for yourself. Of course, it’s much easier to be objective about other people’s troubles,whereas you have to fight through your own feelings and narrow perspective in order to do the same for yourself; but you have that emotional core to fuel the energy and you have more information about the root of the trouble.

Once it connects, therefore, it can be the most powerful energy work you will ever do. There is a certain amount of self-sufficiency built into Wicca. We all become priests/priestesses, then high priests/priestesses; and the solitary practitioner is increasingly common.

This isn’t to say that Wiccans shouldn’t ask for help, when the need is great enough, but that eyebrows would be raised if it was aid given for something that could easily have been sorted out for oneself, if knowledge of their craft was adequate. We are all human beings and there will be times when the ways ahead appear so swampy that something seemingly massive might otherwise have been brushed off as insignificant.

Wicca does not ask that we become superhuman merely that we try to sort ourselves out before it gets that far. We all know – or should know – by now that emotion fuels the energy around us. If we constantly darken that energy with negative thoughts and pessimism about the future then we shouldn’t be surprised when the world rearranges itself to fit our thoughts. If you were sending out love and light


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