For the last couple weeks, I have felt the most disconnected and unfocused than I have EVER felt. I did not know what it was.. I tried all sorts of things, but nothing worked.

This morning I woke up feeling enchanted, and realised that I needed to actually work on my connection to the universe more actively…. something which I had not noticed I stopped. When I was working in a stressful environment, I actually used quite a bit of magic to stay grounded and focused, but now as I have opened my home business, I haven’t had the need to constantly cleanse all through my day and I haven’t had the need to meditate after dealing with a ridiculous person…because I have no ridiculous people to deal with.

What reconnected me was a movie, strangely enough. My boyfriend asked me if I saw Practical Magic (with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) and I hadn’t (I really wanted to watch Hocus Pocus, but he recommended this instead). I woke up this morning with Loreena McKennitt’s song ‘Marco Polo’ in my head. Then I realised, I hadn’t felt like that for a long time… since I opened my witchy business (and you’d expect that it would be the opposite, aye).

Given that I now have to work on this (since I have no negative forces to battle daily), I have stuff to do daily, especially in the morning hours. I think a routine like the following should work, don’t ya think?

  • Meditate 15 mins (or more if necessary) before getting out of bed
  • Play some Loreena to start my day
  • Light some Jasmine incense
  • Perform at least one simple candle spell a day (incl. daily ritual of thanks to the Goddess)

If I didn’t watch that movie last night, I wonder how long I would’ve been lost. I really feel like myself again, full of energy and enchantment. And this lovely weather is helping too!

Message from my spirit guide: Even the most powerful of witches can get ‘lost’ if they don’t constantly practice magic. And magic doesn’t mean ritual work only, you live magic, breathe magic, and that way, you’ll never lose the connection.

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