You will need:

  • Dark Blue Candle – represents the Goddess
  • Gold Candle – represents the God
  • Red Candle
  • Rose Petals
  • Cotton Balls
  • Red thread/needle
  • Cloth–the color of your skin or close
  • Scissors
  • Calming and soothing incense (rosemary for health and self-love or anything that you prefer)
  • items to tie the doll to you–hair, nail clippings, saliva, skin residue, etc.)
  • clean white linen
  • Bowl of water
  • Bowl of salt
  • Fireproof container to burn part of the herbs in
  • Herbs:
    • Anise–spirit aid in spells
    • Burgamot– success
    • Rosemary–willpower and happiness/health
    • St. John’s Wort–will power
    • Woodruff–change

Three nights before the Full Moon, Cast a Circle and Invoke the Goddess (other areas of this site will include how to cast a circle and Goddess invocation)

Begin to construct the doll. Cut out an outline that is close to your body shape or as you see your body. Begin to sew the doll saying (it is better for you to create your own chant as always )

(your name) as this I see
(your name) you represent to me

Say this over and over as you sew leaving an opening for stuffing the doll with herbs and cotton as well as items connected to you. Place the doll upon your Altar below a Red Candle–for energy and action and passion to your spell (if you see need for another candle feel free to choose.. it is the same with the herbs)
Altar should be set with candles lit
Elements Represented with:

  • Bowl of Salt–Earth
  • Bowl of charged Water–Water
  • Incense–Rosemary or Sandalwood is what I prefer
  • Red candle–Fire

God/Goddess candles and anything else you use, including any items that represent health and beauty to you personally.

You will now begin to mix your herbs, they do not have to be powdered but can be ground if you prefer with a mortar and pestle.Charge the herbs as you blend (one tsp. each will be fine, more if needed as you will burn what you do not use in the doll) as you mix say:

Herbs of health and Beauty Fair
I stir and mix and blend with care
Essence now come into me
Lend your power
So mote it Be

(chant 3, 6, or nine times or until you feel it is sufficiently charged)

Place the herbs in the doll in the areas that you feel are more healthy and place cotton balls in areas you would like to change most. Add as well the items to tie the doll to you. As you do this chant:

Though separate you are
We are linked as One
As (your name) Your life has begun.

Consecrate the doll when you are finished stuffing it saying:

With Earth I consecrate this doll as (your name)

Sprinkle a bit of salt on the doll

With Air I consecrate this doll as (your name)

Pass doll through the incense

With Fire I consecrate this doll as (your name)

Pass the doll over the candle, be careful not to catch it on fire!

With Water I consecrate this doll as (your name)

Sprinkle a bit of the charged water on the doll

Attune to the doll. Feel and Know it is You! Let the doll sit on the altar undisturbed and if you can’t leave your altar up wrap it in clean white linen and keep in a safe place until you are ready to continue.

On the next night (now waning moon and time for banishing the fat) Altar set as before. Begin to remove the cotton from the doll placing it in the fireproof dish and concentrating on its burning, say:

Fat Unwanted, Fat unneeded
Fat now gone and fat unheeded
Burn up quickly in the Flame
Leave behind no access weight or bane
Fat now banished from my site
Fat sheds off both day and night
Leaving only health behind
Tied with beauty in herbs that bind.
Fat is banished away from me
And as my will So mote it be!!

Once you have removed and burned 1/3 of the cotton pinch out the candles and leave the doll on the altar or wrap in clean white linen once again. Do this for three nights in a row until all cotton is removed. (I feel it is best to leave the altar standing the three days running and keep the doll there upon it when you are not working but make sure nothing is disturbed).

On the third night after burning the last of the fat, burn the left over herb mixture as you sew up the rest of the doll closing the opening with the red thread.Now, wrap the doll in clean white linen and keep in a special place where it will not be disturbed.

This spell can be repeated at each full moon going into waning.

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