Today was Vet Day. Both cats took a short trip to a nearby vet for their regular de-worm shots. Willow got the first of her vaccinations today. Charms’ diaphragmatic hernia apparently will reverse itself in a couple years once the intestines haven’t moved into the chest cavity. Yes, it’s actually as painful as it sounds. Definitely going to get a second opinion and another x-ray to confirm that though! Good news is that once Willow has completed her shots, she can be neutered 🙂 Yes we believe in neutering to curb the over-population of cats and dogs.

Both of them cried on the way down in the car. Charms would sit on my lap and be okay, but then he’d go in the back by himself and cry. My cats are weird, they go into spaces where they’re alone and cry because they’re alone.

As I’m writing this, Willow is tapping the surface of the water in their water bucket. We recently gave them a small bucket of water to see if they’d be more interested in it – and it’s working so far! The only thing is that they like to wash their paws in it now!


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