A simple ritual that can be adapted for just about any need or purpose.

You will need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Powdered herbs (for specific intent), mixed with equal parts Baking Soda and Salt
  • Quarter Candles
  • Altar candles
  • Candle of intent
  • Incense

Gather supplies at your altar (or the center of your house). Ground and center. If you are doing a home purification ritual put the quarter candles at the cardinal points in your home (not all in one room). Establish sacred space as you light the quarter candles. You can do a full blown circle, or this simple one; (for this one light the quarter candles before or after you establish sacred space, your choice. Or you can omit the quarter candles.)

Face North

Here in the center of the world I stand. Earth is before me, Air on my right hand. Fire is behind me, on my left water lies, as I stand here between the earth and the skies.

At your altar, prepare your powdered herbs with a mortar and pestle, while visualizing your intent. Mix equal parts of herbs, salt and baking soda in a large ceramic bowl or vessel, still visualizing your intent. For increasing Magick, stir with your hands clockwise. For decreasing Magick, stir with your hands counterclockwise infusing it with your intent. Starting at your front door move deosil for increasing; widdershins fordecreasing/banishing Magick. Sprinkle the herb/salt/soda on your carpet. If you so desire you can draw (sandpaint) runes, pentacles or other magickal symbols of your intent, saying appropriate words for each symbol. Or word such as these for purifaction/house blessing: Begone and leave, all hate, strife, ill will, and bad luck!! In the Names of the God and Goddess I cleanse this house!! This home is a sacred sanctuary of peace for Myself, My Family, and our Friends!! Anger and misfortune have NO place here!!

Do this in every room of your house. When done return to the altar. Visualize your intent. For purification, see the salt, soda, and herbs drawing in, absorbing the negativity, anger, strife, whatever is troubling your house. Cense your vacuum cleaner, saying these or similar words: I ask the Lord and Lady and the guardians of the quarters to bless this home, grant us harmony, knowledge, freedom, love, healing, perception, pleasure, friendship and happiness. Grant us riches, treasure, prosperity, employment, stability, success, business and money. ‘An it harm none, So mote it be.

Starting at your front door, vacuum in a clockwise direction. When finished, throw out the vacuum cleaner bag (outside). Visualizing all that psychic goop/bad luck/bad feelings/illness/whatever,is being thrown out with the bag.

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