For straightening out your life.

You’ll need:

  • an onion
  • a knife
  • a spiral candle
  • an essential oil
  • incense
  • music

Dress the candle at least one day before you do the spell. You will be naming this candle for the person to be untwisted, so choose whatever color seems right to you. Turn the candle wick-down over a paper towel. Fill the eye dropper with the essential oil or whatever you are using. This should also be appropriate, such as ginseng for a male, rose hips for a female, or a plant that you associate with the person or their problem. Say,

I name this candle for _____.

Slowly turn the candle to the left as you drip the oil on it, allowing it to spiral downward. As you do this, concentrate on the person and exactly how and why they are screwed up. It will drip, so be sure to have a cloth or paper towel beneath it. Leave the candle there to dry overnight. It should have flecks of dried oil all over it. Put the candle in a holder once dry. You can do the spell immediately, or leave the dressed candle on your altar or in a windowsill until you are ready for it.

Put the candle, knife and onion on your altar or working surface. Light incense or play some music to make sacred space. Say,

Onion, I name you for _____. As I cut away this skin, I make you ready for transformation. I remove your resistance to it.

Cut the top layer off the onion, then light the candle. Begin to cut into the onion, peeling away layer after layer until you come to the bulb at its center. Concentrate on the person as you do this, naming your purpose aloud as you go. Say whatever feels right, things like “I cut away your negativity” or “I remove those who have bad influence over you”.

If the onion bulb is a double one, cut the smaller one away. Remove all these parts of the onion from the altar, wash your hands and the knife, clean the surface where you worked.

The candle should still be burning, with the onion bulb in front of it. Focus on the candle, make it the person you are trying to help. Imagine that it untwists them as it burns. Raise power and command,

Do not resist me as I untwist thee, do not resist me as I untwist thee.

Repeat this as many times as feels necessary, allowing the candle to burn down completely. Think about exactly what you mean by untwisting, what changes you want to see the person make in themself and their life.

The onion peelings represent all that was wrong with the person so get them out of your house immediately, burn or otherwise destroy them.

When the candle has finished burning, set the onion bulb on a windowsill or in some other place where the morning sun will reach it. I use an eastern window for this. Tell it (the person) that they will be reborn in the morning with the sun, that everything is going to be all right.

The last time I did this spell I left the onion overnight in a circle of rock crystals and dried red roses, atop my pentacle. You can arrange whatever feels right to you for the onion, or just leave it there alone. Plant the bulb the next day, doing so indoors if the earth is too cold outside for this. This act will serve to ground the power you raised. If the onion happens to take root and bloom, that is a wonderful sign the spell has worked.

This spell should work within a few days even if the onion simply withers. If the person is extremely screwed up, you will have to do other things to further empower the spell.

Some suggestions:

  • cast it at midnight when the moon is full
  • cast a circle before performing the spell
  • take a symbolic shower afterward, imagining you are washing the person’s problems away – then dress in white or in new clothes
  • make a bonfire for the person, into which you throw heads of garlic and everything that symbolizes their problems, destructive behaviors, negativity or whatever
  • administer a potion or sprinkle a powder where they will walk through it
  • something charged for positive arrange for other witches to also work on this person, each witch in his or her own way

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