Some people say vegetarian like it is a dirty word.  And some love the “idea” they just can’t commit.  Well a year or two ago my sister gave me a book titled The China Study.  Once you read this book you have a strong inclination to want to be vegan.  The book is a little dry as it is literally a study with graphs and stats. The author is a doctor who grew up on a farm.  So the advice he ends up giving is contradictory to his upbringing.

If any of you listen to PETA or other organizations regarding the treatment of animals, this will also make you want to consider becoming a vegetarian.  My oldest daughter had been a vegetarian on and off for a few years.  When in high school her chemistry teacher made the class watch a horrible video regarding animal abuse in the meat industry.  Not sure what that had to do with chemistry, but it had its desired effect. She went back to being meatless for quite awhile.  I do love animals and believe they should be treated with care.

I am reminded of a story I read in a book that was written by a psychic medium.  I read this before I ever seriously considered becoming vegan.  He stated that when he ate an animal that suffered or was frightened in some way before its death he carried that energy.  Creepy huh?  I wonder how many of us this happens to and we don’t even realize it.

So this brings me to me. I read the book which link lots of data and studies of animal products and diseases.  The book backs up its conclusion that eating animal products leads to more sickness. Of all sorts. Well if you have read my previous posts you know I have had my fill off sickness in my family. (Cancers of all sorts, husband has diabetes, high blood pressure. Husband and sis have high cholesterol.  There are probably other illnesses in the family, but I don’t want to talk about that ).

vegetables_VhI am trying really hard to cut out animal products in my diet and hopefully in the family too.  So far we have cut out all red meat.  At home, occasionally when we go out someone will have beef or pork.  Not me.  I do occasionally eat eggs and dairy.  It is extremely hard to cut out completely, I am working on it though.  I still eat the occasional fish or chicken/turkey.  I want to cut that out too. They cause problems too.  My kids are following suit, I actually think they can feel the difference.  The youngest told me the other day that she didn’t want to eat eggs when we were out, “I don’t feel good when I eat eggs.”  The older two are totally okay with cutting out red meat, working on the rest but letting them eat what they want to.  And yes I have explained why I have chosen to eat this way, they are all old enough to understand it.

Anyway I am sharing my journey.  Hopefully I can update you soon that I did it!!!  Until then wish me luck.  And know that I do not pass judgement on those that chose to eat meat.  I do not want to be that type of vegan.  Husband said he can give up lots but never bacon.  For my sister that one thing was cheese.  I know and I am totally okay with that.  I can only truly work on me and do what I think is best for me.



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    Carolina Moonstone 7 years ago

    Old habits die hard… I´m been veggie for the last 17 years and I´ve met many people in your situation. If I can give you a piece of advice is this one: take it step by step. If you already gave up red meat great, now try to give up pork. Once you achieve this, continue with another kind of meat. For some people it is really difficult to change from one day to another. Start reducing the portions, if you are used to eating a whole turkey leg, eat half of it and include a greater amount of vegetables in that meal.

    And have fun during the process of change! Don´t feel frustrated! Good luck!

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      Suzen Jane 7 years ago

      Thank you Carolina. I have given up almost all pork and beef. Once in awhile at a friends house I may get ground beef in chili or something like that. I try not to eat too much of it and don’t complain. I have a couple of vegetarian cookbooks that I really like. Still eat chicken and turkey occasionally but even that is being cut way back. Maybe you have a favorite veggie recipe? I would love to have friendly support, thanks. Did you do it for your health or for the animals?

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        Carolina Moonstone 7 years ago

        Hi! I gave up eating meat from one day to the other but I know it´s not easy for everyone. I made the decision for the animals to be honest, I was 16 so health was not the issue. Anything you need count on me!

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    elizabeth 6 years ago

    i have been vegetarian for the last 3 and half years so glad i am and wish i had done it sooner!

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