Doctor SearchI decided that my first post would be something close to my heart. And that is trusting your instincts when going to to a doctor.  Sounds simple right?  But I have seen more then once in my own health decisions and those I love, we put too much faith in the doctors’ decision.

My mother was told for years that she had acid reflux or an ulcer. She kept going back to the doctor when  medicines for those systems didn’t help.  She suspected they were wrong but trying the best they could. She finally got told she had gallstones and needed surgery. When this surgery was performed the doctor found a shredded gall bladder and liver.  She had cancer.  She was told she had 6-12 months to live but lived for over three more years.

My point in these stories is to get the message out there to everyone.  Trust your instinct, intuition whatever you want to call it. I wish I could shout it from the rooftops.  If the doctor tells you a symptom ” is just you nothing is wrong”, and you feel differently get a second opinion or third.  Check with other doctors until you feel they have done all they can do to answer your questions.  Sounds like common sense but we are raised to think that the doctors have all the answers and sometimes they don’t.I went to the doctor in December of 2009 and brought up that my nipple was inverted, is something wrong?  He sent me for a mammogram which came back with no tumors.  My husband pushed me and said this isn’t right you should go back and make them figure out what is causing this.  I said what more can he do I got an all clear.  Approx a year later I went to the doctor for pain in my breast.  He put me on antibiotics.  A couple months later I went back in and told him that I still had pain and now it was in my armpit.  I saw the look between him and his nurse and knew this was going to be bad.  So after several tests, I got diagnosed with breast cancer that had metastasized and gone into my bones.  I am doing really well right now and plan on living a full life. So far all my medicines have successfully done what they are supposed to do.

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