**CAUTION** these methods should only be attempted by a knowledgable user.
We are not responsible for injury resulting in these methods.


This method will only make oil that will smell like the herbs, it will not produce any useable quantities of actual plant oil. For that, use the next two methods. These oils are generally weaker than normal, so be aware of that before you begin.

1. Choose base oil, canola, olive, and vegetable oil work well, but almost anything will work so long as its smell is not too strong.

2. Mix and empower dry herbs to be used in the oil.

3. Heat base oil until hot.

4. Mix in herbs in about a 1:1 ratio with the oil.

5. Let sit for about 20 minutes, adjusting the heat to maintain a constant temperature, stir every minute.

6. Strain and store in a medicine bottle or film canister.


This will produce a stronger oil, and you can make it exactly as strong or weak as you like. You can even make it pure. But, it can not me mixed with a base oil to dilute it {unless you make it pure}and it can be time and herb consuming {depending on the level of purity you choose}

1. Mix and empower dry herbs.

2. Mix herbs with boiling water and stir until a STRONG tea forms.

3. Strain herbs out of tea.

4. Boil tea down until you are left with a suitable strength oil.

5. To dilute this oil mix with water instead of base oil, or they will not mix.

6. Store the oil in a medicine bottle or a film canister.


This will guarantee the purest oil possible. But, this can be a time and material consuming method. On average 2oz of herbs will yeald 2-3ml of oil, and about 2-3 cups of hydrosol {a byproduct of this process, basically water with a small amount of oil dissolved in it } Here are the instructions:


  • 2 glass bottles with lids
  • 1 plastic bottle
  • Aluminum foil
  • Aquarium or surgical tubing
  • Mixed, empowered herbs
  • Water
  • A stove
  • Punching tools

1. Fill a glass bottle with water, punch a hole in the lid, a small hole for gas pressure release, run tubing through the large hole

2. Place other end of tubing in the second bottle, through a hole in the lid and run the tubing to the bottom of the bottle. Put another tube in the lid.

3. Run the other end of THAT tube in a spiral {It should look like a spring} and connect it to the bottom of the plastic bottle.

4. Mount the plastic bottle upside-down over a glass.

5. Fill the second bottle {the one with two tubes}with the herbs

6. Place the first bottle on the stove and let it boil until there is no water left

7. By this time there should the collection glass should have water with oil floating on top, use an eye dropper to remove the oil and throw away the water {Actually, it is hydrosil, but it is worthless just the same}

8. Place the oil in a medicane bottle or a film canister.


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  1. karen 11 years ago

    Hummm. I usually put the dry herb in some mineral oil and leave it uncovered for a week or two, mixing occasionally . then i cover it and shake it everyday for another two week. this is strickley used for baths,anointing candles and incense, not for the kitchen. in that case i would use olive oil. Please tell me , am i doing it wrong?

    • Author
      lunasgrimoire 11 years ago

      nope, this is just three of the many ways of making oils..

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