Little Man BarkingThis morning, I was meant to wake up at 9 A.M. I had my alarm set, I got a pretty decent nights rest. Well, for some reason, my alarm didn’t go off and I ended up sleeping longer than I had expected. Little-Man sleeps in the room with me and generally sneaks his way into bed sometime in the middle of the night once I’ve fallen asleep. Well, this morning, I woke up to him laying his big head in my face, making a weird yawning/growl noise to wake me up. I opened my eyes, looked at him, and very nicely told him that I wanted to sleep for a couple more minutes. He didn’t like that. Suddenly he barked at me, then put his big ol’ paw right in my face… and kept it there. All the while growling and making noises at me to tell me it was time to get up. I’d already slept in. I didn’t know I’d slept in… That brat. But he sure did! And he was happy to let me know!Little Man Nosing About

The moral of this story: Don’t ever let anyone tell you that your animals don’t understand you. They aren’t just animals. They are people in little furry bodies, they just have a little different set of demands and expectations than another human being.

As a friend once told me… Animals are like children… They are like children with disabilities. They can’t get into your fridgerator to make themselves a PBJ Sandwhich (but they can pull dishes off the counters and tabletops and help themselves to your entire Thanksgiving meal if you aren’t paying attention!), they can’t put on extra clothes when it’s cold outside, or medicate themselves when they are sick. It is your responsibility as their parent (I say parent, because I don’t own my dogs. They don’t belong to me, I belong to them.) to know when they need to be taken care of.

When they need that extra care – you have to magically understand when a whine means that their tummy aches or if its just cause they want an ear rub.  Or if they bark and run to the door if it means someone is outside or if it means they need to go out and potty.

Listen to your animals… Pay attention. Love them as if they were children… And you will suddenly be suprised that you find yourself having conversations with someone that isn’t supposed to be able to speak back to you, yet you understand them wholly and completely. It is the magical experience that I face each and every day, surrounded by the love of someone that I’ve greatfully named my familiar. Because they grow so fast… They are old souls, just waiting to share their experiences with you. If you just take the time to listen.

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