Yin, Shadow's FamiliarThis is one of my familiars that I haven’t introduced to any of you yet. This is Yin. She is my Chow/Lab/Pyraneese mix. I can hardly believe that she is now six years old. I still have pictures of her and her brother, Yang, romping around the house like the wild hooligans that they were. With age, she has become a wise crone. Right now, she is patiently staring out the window, guarding from intruders. I have been amazed to see her slowly teaching her newest pack mate, Little-Man, all the in’s and out’s of what it is like to be a familiar. Today, she taught him patience… While I was eating, since I always hand out bits of scraps, she layed down at my feet and waited for me to finish eating my food. And like the wise older sister she is, she looked at Little-Man, Little-Man looked at her, and he copyed her. He lay down at my feet, patiently awaiting for me to finish my meal before the two of them got a leftover piece of my lunch. I’m so grateful to her for being the way that she is. I couldn’t have asked for a better familiar… She protects the home and hearth with pride. And any time there is signs of a scuffle, she’ll casually strole in, pull the offending dog aside, and that’s it… Yin and YangEverything is done. Nothing ever happened. She is wise beyond her years and has taught me a great many things. The picture to the right is her and her brother, Yang… When they were only a month old. It’s been so long. And I have fond memories of that time. I have even fonder memories now. ~*Shadow*~

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