People just aren’t kind any more. Is it because of parents not teaching their children? Is it because of war? What is it? I learned kindness from my grandmother, who used to feed, clothe and even board homeless and poor people. Nothing stopped her, and she was not a wealthy woman. She was uneducated, a housewife and the only income she had was the little pension the Government gave, which in my view is a disgusting amount given how rich this country really is.

Today, I know things are rough financially, but you can’t give a box of mac & cheese to someone? You can’t make a homeless man a sandwich for lunch??

People don’t stop for others on the road any more, they don’t help others change tyres, they just drive by as though their invisible. I know crime is high, but I’m certain that if you were in their shoes, you’d be thankful for help.

Where is the kindness in the world? If a beacon of light shone to the heavens every time someone performed a single act of kindness, the world would live in darkness. Have all the kind people vanished? Are they dead? Or are they silent because of society?

It saddens me that the world is like this.. but honestly, what have I done to change it? I’ve given homeless people money when I can, but is that enough? Not nearly.

Kindness starts at home. It starts with respect; respect for oneself, respect for humanity, respect for your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your grandparents. It’s founded on qualities like genuineness, responsibility, humility, modesty, compassion, love, honesty. But, I cannot find another human being with all these qualities. People are full of hate, jealousy, anger, egos..

Maybe people are right. This is the end of the world. This is the apocalypse. What is a world without love and kindness? And I’m not talking about with your direct family.. I’m talking about love, kindness and compassion for each other.. for the human race.

So just remember, when you’re stuffing your fat arse for Christmas, someone is in the cold, starving. Put some ham, turkey and potatoes in a box, and give it to someone who needs it, because I’m certain you overcooked and someone at your dinner table is going to waste food because ‘they eye bigger than they belly’.


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  1. Autumnturtle 6 years ago

    this is the year I am one of those people in need due to illness and other reasons and I am so grateful that I am knitting mitts like crazy to give back I just wish I could do more

    • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

      That is lovely! Don’t forget to knit some for some homeless people!

      • Autumnturtle 6 years ago

        that is exactly who I am knitting them for this year

    • i crochet for the indian reservation and the local church who gives items to new young mothers. bless you Autmnturtle! love & light

      • Autumnturtle 6 years ago

        Tracy that is lovely! Blessings!

  2. ShakyGhost 6 years ago

    There is a massive lack of kindness around these days…even if you can’t afford to give physical goods etc, it costs nothing to smile, or hold doors open, or lend a helping hand to someone who may need it. Sometimes the world makes me sad 🙁

    • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

      I know right! Forget doing it for your girlfriend. I don’t see people doing it for elderly people or even just people..

  3. Well said.. i do have to pat my back and yours Luna.. last wk. you had a post for the crabbywittch.. i never heard of before and so off i went to read.. after doing so.. i closed out and went on @ my day.. i pndered often as to the situation they was in… not even knowing them or anything other then what i read that day.. i just could shake them from my head.. went back later and sent them so money.. was not much but it was not payday for us.. i have not told anyone of this and probably wouldnt had it now been that i want you to also know that you changed a situation for someone without knowing it then.. love & light and many blessings

    • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

      She told me how grateful she was for that.. You have no idea how helpful even a little bit is.. even $5 can change someone’s life.

  4. disqus_mE7w6VCfv7 6 years ago

    Since you brought this subject up,I will just simply be blunt in the situation I am in here at home. I do not understand whats in these kids minds today. I have a 17 yr old boy that is my boyfriends son, soon to be out on his own, he got a job (after I rode his butt for a month). Does not do anything out of the kindness of his heart to help out around here unless it benefits him. He has to be told to take the trash out even though for 7 yrs he knows when. His room stinks up to high heaven(sorry for expression) I have to keep his door shut all the time and he fights with us about everything, takes no blame and always has an excuse. I can go on and on but the point is, that this society is to blame. These people anymore are all about themselves. We are not allowed to punish our children so they have the upper hand on us(the parents) .Greedy selfish people now a days. Yes I think its the beginning of the end.People will destroy our world by all this. I do love my religion and I do the best I can to follow by the rede, but, if I have to go through my old age with no kindness, I do not want to be here.

    • disqus_mE7w6VCfv7 6 years ago

      This is probably why these neg. energies are around me so much,Cause this is really upsetting me to no end..solitarywiccansoul

    • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

      Honestly, the day people stopped beating their children as punishment, things went sour. I saw it first hand here in Trinidad. I got LOTS of spanks as a child, and I was not an easy child. I wasn’t rude, but I did question everything. I did all the chores, cleaned, did all the laundry, the only thing I didn’t do was cook. I will beat the shit out of my kids if they are rude to either myself or their elders. I got my share of spanks and nothing is wrong with me!

      • disqus_mE7w6VCfv7 6 years ago

        Well, I agree there is not nothing wrong with us because we got punished. but, this is suppose to be a “Christian” society isnt there in the bible “Spare the rod, spoil the child” thing in there? There are so much of BS its unbelievable

        • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

          EXACTLY! Christians pull out what they want from the Bible. Pisses me off all the time.

    • I have right now quite a situation.. my own daughters.. my ex husband had brain anurisum last Jan. since then i have raised the 16 yr old without any help.. finally in Oct we got the first SSI check for her since he is not able to work and actually needs his own guardians which is his mother and my oldest daughter.. well once that check has came in the root of evil found its way to our house. 16 yr. does not have license but has a car her sister and finace bought for her awhile back… they demanded we buy parts for that car which was @ 250.00 and i wasnt in no hurry to buy since she couldnt drive anyways nor the fact they demanded it.. we did go buy clothes, tossed money at her for weekends, bought phone and phone card.. things we did not have to do.. Nov came we was going to get parts but they ordered them without our knowledge then wanted us to pay them and i wont without a receipt which they wont do.. knowing since we checked they are trying to get more from us.. now they drug my ex MIL in it and all of a sudden after raising the 3 older ones i am now a bad mother.. they say i am suppose to put that money in seperate acct. and allow her to have debit card and she use it as she pleases and only 10% goes to raising her.. 60.00 a month! to raise a child! its a mess and of course she now believes them and wants this money and has decided to live with her dad which is not legal since he cant tech. but if i fight it in court and make her come back then i am sure the 2 girls will make my life He*L… so torn on what to do.. and i did not raise them this way.. its money that has done this.. along with the g-ma. I feel for you and hope blessings may come your way and change what is happening to you. love & light

      • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

        I’m seeing it first hand of how money can change a person. My aunt had my senile grandfather illegally sign over everything to her and her husband, which totals to about 7million dollars. He had 5 children, and only one has everything. So, I know what you mean about money changing a person.

  5. Raven Wind 6 years ago

    I am not speaking to all the situations or families I have read about before, just want people to stop, look and listen to the world around them. Do you remember a time with the adults stopped what they were doing to compromise with the children for a little while, following thru on their promises for a few minutes play but Mommy has to get back to this then? I see parents now too busy in the complex world we live in, with work or home business, but all to often it is for their own socialization, or dramatics to stop and teach a child compromise, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy and the love to stop and play or listen for a moment. Isn’t that where it starts? Giving respect to earn respect, showing love to receive love? Compassion and empathy are skill sets we have to foster in our children. Society is all of us in a whole by definition, we have to give the time to change the tide. We have to accept the responsiblity so the younger ones know and see the satisfaction one gets seeing that blossom in each young adult.

    • lunasgrimoire 6 years ago

      I’ve always blamed parents.. I didn’t learn kindness from my mother, I learned it from my grandmother.. Why? Mummy was always working! The qualities I have are from my grandmother.. and if it wasn’t for her, I would be a cut-throat b*tch who takes no prisoners.

      • TimeGauntlet 5 years ago

        I can relate. To be honest I’m still a child. Where I go to school, I see young children (not even in the 3rd grade yet) swearing, or using profanity, at teachers and amongst themselves. Everyone ( A HUGE percentage I should say.) are disrespectful, negative, immature, racist, envious, greedy, and always get into fights. Not too long go, I introduced two of my closest friends to the Wiccan and Pagan ways and took advantage of it. They don’t even follow the rules of it, they think they can put hexes on people, and I really don’t want to explain the rest.

        It’s like I’m the only student who cares for everything around me. One time, my science teacher, or homeroom, put on a video and talked about WWII. I was the only student in the class who knew about the holocaust.

        I never went to the park, never hugged a tree, let a ladybug crawl on me etc., and I hear stories of how people go where ever they want and pollute. They treat everything around them like dirt, even family.

        It sadden me that people like us, who care for others, see this everyday of their lives.

        I’ve always wanted to follow the Wiccan way, but I’m unable too, it’s not me, it’s my surroundings.

  6. disqus_mE7w6VCfv7 6 years ago

    Yes I agree RavenWind I did not start raising this boy until later in his life, the damage was already done to him..and it got worse when he got older..Parents need to start with children when they are very young. I did with my daughter..And with this society letting these kids think for themselves..its just unbelievable.. I do not like to say this but, I see how this world is going to be when they get our age.Its a sad thing..


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