Two of my three monsters

Wake up, get children ready, run out the door, pick children up from school, and try to keep a clean house, add some bottles and diaper changes in there and you have my life in a little nutshell. Running around and keeping children from breaking things or fighting leaves little time in the day for me. I call myself the almost witch because I find it hard to practice on a day-to-day basis I want to change this. My house is riddled with energy some good and some bad and I need to smudge.   “I really want to make sure it’s spotless before I smudge then its all good feelings and a happy home.” I have been telling myself that for probably a year and a half now.

I look at the piles of junk skewed around my house and sigh, I know the second I touch any of it, BAM ” MOM, SHE HIT ME!” or “MOM I WAS PLAYING WITH THAT AND HER TOOK IT!”  Short of locking my three and five year old in a closet, I take it one-step at a time. However, the monsters that live in my house can destroy a room in 3.7 seconds flat. I don’t want to know what their personal bests could be.

This blog is for all the Almost Witches out there. Samhain is approaching and I am going to start the “New Year” out with putting my best-pointed toe shoe forward and embracing everything pagan. I want to invite you to join me through my ups and downs of trying to keep my pointed hat straight, my broom kept at ninety degree angle and keeping my cauldron from blowing up in my face.  So keep your arms in legs in the ride at all times and try not to become a newt as you follow me through my year of full practice and dedication into the Pagan path.


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