Health, invisibility, immortality, longevity; keeps evil out of the home.

Place a small amount in the shoe or add an infusion of tansy to the bath to keep the law away.

Its main value is as a vermifuge to expel intestinal worms and, to a lesser degree, to help stimulate menstrual bleeding.

Tansy should be used with caution, however, it is possibly unsafe for internal use, especially if you are pregnant.

The essential oil in the leaves is toxic and as little as 1/2 oz can kill an adult.

The leaves and flowering tops are anthelmintic, antispasmodic, bitter, carminative, emmenagogue, stimulant and tonic.

An infusion of the leaves or whole plant is used to treat menstrual irregularities and as an anthelmintic, especially for children.

It is also valuable in treating hysteria, kidney weaknesses, stomach problems, fevers and also as an emmenagogue.

In larger doses the plant can procure an abortion, though these doses can be poisonous.

Externally, tansy is used as a poultice on swellings and some eruptive skin diseases.

It is also used externally to kill lice, fleas and scabies, though even external use of the plant carries the risk of toxicity.

The seeds are used as an anthelmintic.

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