Gather the following fresh herbs, they may be crushed or left whole: Rue-protection, purification-Diana, Aradia, Fana, Faunus Bay Leaves-protection, strength-Faunus Rosemary-protection, healing Pennyroyal- protection, peace, strength Thyme-purification, healing Fennel-protection, purification-Diana, Dianus Marigold-protection, clairvoyance Curry-protection Rose-protection, healing Apple-healing-Diana, Tana Violet-protection, healing Sage-protection, wisdom Basil-protection Woodruff-protection, victory, prosperity Vervain-protection, peace, purifcation-Aradia Acacia-protection-Diana Hyssop-protection,purification Cumin-protection Coriander-health Wormwood- protection, call spirits-Diana Myrrh-protection, spirituality Place a small […]
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