You will need:

  • A pink candle
  • A photo of your partner/friend
  • A crystal ball or magnifying glass

First, light a pink candle. Now, holding a photo that clearly shows your partner’s face, look into his or her eyes. You can look deeper into the eyes and beyond, into the mind, by placing a crystal ball or a magnifying glass on top of the image.

Speak directly to the photo or through the object you have chosen to magnify it with. The eyes, mouth, and facial features in the image will move in such a way that it appears you are speaking directly, face-to-face, to the person you’re trying to contact. At this point you have made the connection.

Tell the person what it is that you want, or ask a question. The response will come to you telepathically.

Blow out the candle and wave the photo through its smoke from north to south and from west to east.

Return the photo to where you normally keep it.

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