This spell is intended to clarify a goal you have. Quite often, people think they want one thing and later on find that what they wanted was something else entirely. So before you get to the “later on” point, do this simple spell for clarification.


  • 1 dark blue candle
  • A few drops of essential oil of citrus
  • Pen and paper

When: As you feel the need

Dress your candle with the oil and light it. As the scent of citrus suffuses the air, write down your goal in the form of an affirmation. Keep it simple. Prop the paper on which you’ve written your goal up against the candle. Gaze into the candle’s flame and sit quietly for a few moments, keeping your goal in mind. Imagine that you have already achieved this goal. How does it feel? Are you comfortable with it? How does it affect your family and friends? What is your life like now that you have attained what you wanted?

The more vivid and detailed your imaginings, the greater benefit you’ll derive from this visualization. Hold the vision in your mind until your mind starts to wander, then stop. Now read your goal again. Is it what you really want? If not, rewrite it. You may find that you merely need to fine-tune what you’ve written. If you rewrite your goal, let it sit for a day or two before you look at it again. Then ask yourself if it feels right. Chances are that it will. Once you’re certain you’ve got it right, burn the piece of paper to release your intentions into the cosmic web.


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