Photo provided by Andrew Wyatt, President of USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers)

Long ago, when the Creator gave purpose to all the creatures, Snake was named to be a Guardian of the Ancestors. Her purpose, to live between the Worlds of the living and the dead. To silently guide those that have passed on to the Summerland, and to whisper messages from the fallen to their loved ones grieving below.

With every passing of the moon, the Snake’s eyes cloud over, making them appear dead, only to awaken, shed their old skin, and become alive again, reminding us that Death is but a continuous cycle. Nothing ever completely dies. It merely changes form.

While the venom of some snakes are deadly, that venom can also be used as a cure to some of Man’s most deadly diseases. Making something good out of something bad – turning poison to medicine. This is one of Snake’s best lessons She teaches us.

If Snake has come into your life, does she bring with her a transformation? Is she teaching you a quiet lesson of seeing the best in every situation? Is She awakening a new Spirit within you?

Or is she simply asking you to reconnect with the heartbeat of Mother Earth?


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