Blessings everyone! With Samhain rolling around the corner, I thought it was time to share our celebrations!

Recently, I got together with a group down here in Texas. We had a beautiful altar that we cast a circle around to do ritual. As we clasped hands and began to chant, it was an amazing experience the amount of energy we began to channel.

It was an emotional experience for many of us… And feeling the power that started to swirl between us was amazing. The hair on my arms literally stood on end and there was heat swirling between us. I won’t lie, it was a truly an amazing experience.

Now, many of you may know, I am a solitary witch. However, I do have a group of people that I enjoy getting together with time to time. 

It is a lovely support system of people that I truly suggest that if anyone has the opportunity to be a part of, you should. Even if it is just an open circle that you do not have to join a coven. Experience it… Even if it is only just once. Because the power that all of us managed to conjure together, I felt so refreshed after the whole experience… And honestly paying homage to the Goddess’ and the Gods in such a way, after so long of having gone without it… Was powerful. And it is a learning experience for the way things feel when you practice alone. What to expect, what to do if things go wrong…

Not only that, but being able to sit down and talk with others, in person, about your beliefs, people who completely understand where you are coming from… Is one of the best experiences of all.

I know that some of you don’t have the best opportunity to be a part of things like this. But even if you have to drive a couple miles to visit… Do. Just once.


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