Record the Session

If you are calling ahead to make an appointment for your reading, ask the psychic if recording the session is allowed. If you feel that the psychic is resisting or wants additional money for the recording, you may want to try another source for a reading.

The right type of recorder will make a great deal of difference in the sound quality. You want one that has a good microphone, either built in or plugged into the machine. Videocameras can also produce good voice reproduction.

There are several advantages to taping your reading. First of all, it is almost impossible to remember all the information the psychic gives you. You may be thinking about one specific piece of information and miss what comes afterward. It is also possible that you may not remember something that could help provide more facts later.

When you listen to the recording of the session, you can analyze the questioning method that the psychic used. You can also make note of the information you gave when you verbally responded. Did the psychic have a way to get you to provide vital facts in the reading? The recording will confirm or eliminate any suspicions you may have.

Participation in a Group Reading

Another popular type of reading is a group reading. The size of the group may vary from a few people to an audience in a theater. As the psychic makes his entrance, he begins to pull information from his Source about the people present at the reading. Some psychics use special effects, such as lighting, music, or meditation to help both themselves and the listeners enter the right state for the readings. They may also use certain rituals or routines to help induce a receptive trance state.

The group reading may have several different parts, including a message of wisdom from the guides or the Universe, a time for random readings focused on the audience, and a time for questions and answers. You may be selected, and you may not be. It’s all up to the Universe — or is it?

Many of the same cautions for a private session are also true for a group session. Was there a possibility that presession chatter was overheard? Were there other opportunities in which information could have been extracted without the participants knowing? Did the guests reveal too much personal information? Can you observe how the psychic may be gathering material in a nonpsychic manner?

Go with the Flow

One of the best things you can do when you go to a group reading is to relax and go with the flow. If you are overanxious for information, you may telegraph that desire to the psychic, who in return may feed you back the same bits and pieces that you have already given him.

What should I do with the material received during a reading?
It is natural to want to go out and take immediate action based on your new insights. It may be better, however, to let the dust settle. You might sleep on it and let your intuition digest it for you. Any immediate concerns can be given to your Belief System to help define an action.

Long-Distance Psychic Readings

It is not necessary to be in the presence of a psychic in order to receive a valid reading. As far back as the early 1900s, Edgar Cayce would respond to letters requesting readings. He traveled in his mind to the physical location of the subject and could give details such as the current weather. Toward the end of his life, his abilities to give readings over long distances were so well known that he was besieged with far more requests than he could fulfill.

When the use of the telephone became widespread, it became possible to give live psychic consultation from a great distance. Then came live call-in radio shows. Later, television shows allowed psychics to share their readings and advice with many listeners at the same time. (This also helped to popularize the leading psychics.)

Today, the Internet is a resource that enables you to contact psychics from all over the world. Many have books and other products for sale as well as online readings. It is possible to correspond with some of them before paying for anything. Let your own intuition be your guide if you decide to check out online psychics.

When a psychic gives you a warning, pay close attention. First, look at the reason the prediction was given. Would it benefit certain individuals or groups? Would this prediction require you to make a major lifestyle change?

Do Psychic Predictions Come True?

Are psychic predictions “cast in stone”? What do you think? If you are told something about an event that is going to happen, how will that affect your life? Is it possible to make changes that avoid predicted outcomes?

The concept of time is complicated enough to fill dozens of books. But what you need to understand when it comes to psychic readings is that a psychic prediction is based on images of the future as they are influenced by the events of yesterday and today. If nothing changes in the progression that leads into the future, the prediction has a good chance of coming true. However, if something happens to change the normal progression of events, the prediction will no longer be valid.

It is always good to watch out for potential agenda issues that a psychic may or may not have. Pay attention to your own psychic intuition. Remember, you can take steps to change the prediction. The event is still in the future. You might consider a lifestyle change, eating or other habit change, or change of travel dates.

Dealing with the Future

When you receive information about your future, whether it’s good news or bad, the first step in dealing with it is to make sure that you are grounded in the present. Use your ability to connect to your third eye and your inner guidance system. Ask yourself what is the best way to work with the knowledge that you have been given in a good and positive way. You can even ask for the right words to come out of your mouth and for the right actions to be taken.

Next, ask your inner guidance system for some verification of the action that may be required. You may have already heard the message before. Ask for protection from the Golden Light of the Universe. Above all, listen to the messages that are coming through you internally and given to you externally. It’s okay to use your own guidance system.

Fear of the future can paralyze you in the moment, keeping you captive and holding you from moving into the unknown. You don’t need to take the risk by yourself. If you rely on your guide, you may have the courage to move forward, one step at a time.

You may want to use your ability to contact your inner guidance system regarding future potential events. The methods that you have had a chance to experience in earlier chapters can be very effective in helping you deal with possible anxieties concerning the future. The reality of life is what is happening at the moment, and each moment can have an impact on the future, either positively or negatively.

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