Exercise 1

I want you to close your eyes now for a brief exercise. I want you to picture a blackboard in your mind. Create it completely. It has a chalk tray with chalk and an eraser on it. Can you seeit?

(Wait for response, once you have a yes response, proceed.)

Fine. Now take a piece of chalk and ddraw a circle on your board. Do you see the circle?

(Wait for Yes then proceed.)

Good now write the letter A inside the circle. Do you have it?

(Wait for Yes then proceed.)

Now erase the letter A from inside the circle, but don’t erase the circle. Say okay when you have done that.

(Wait for OK.)

Very good. Now erase the circle and open your eyes.

After this exercise discuss the response with your subject. There are no wrong answers, all responses are valid.

Exercise 2

Close yor eyes again for one more training exercise. This time I want you to focus your attention on the tip of your nose. Are you doing this?

(Wait for Yes then proceed.)

Good. Keep your attention focused gently and casually on the tip of your nose and go on listening to the sound of my voice. In some hypnosis techniques we will be doing together, I will ask you to focus your attention on the tip of your nose in order the intensify your concentration and deepen your state of relaxation. If at any time during hypnosis you find your mind wandering, all you need to do is focus your attention on the tip of your nose, as you are doing now and your mind will stop wandering and will once again follow my voice. Now you may open your eyes.


I. RELAXATION: a. Make person comfortable b. Rub Legs and feet c. Rub (manipulate) forehead

II. EXTENSION: a. Close Eyes b. Make yourself a few inches taller (feet) “tell me as soon as you have done this.” c. “go back to normal size” d. foot taller (feet) tell me as soon…etc e. “go back to normal size f. repeat d&e g. few inches taller (head) “tell me as soon…etc h. go back to normal size i. foot taller, tell me etc. j. go back to normal size, tell me. k. Repeat i & j 2 times (3 times total) l. Now this time I want you to extend yourself through the head, (pause)face, (pause),body,(pause),arms,(pause),legs,(pause), and feet. In other words blow yourself up just like a balloon. m. go back to normal size


a. Now I want you to blow yourself up like a ballon but much bigger this time. Tell me when you have done this.

b. Go quickly and stand in front of the building in which you live tell me as soon as you have done this.

c. Have him briefly describe the door, doorknob, windows, walkway, trees, shrubs, marks of any kind.

d. Go quickly and stand on the roof of the building and look down into the road (yard) in front, tell me as soon as you are there.

e. “Briefly describe what you see”

f. “Go 500 ft. into the air and look down. (tell me when you have done this.

g. “Describe what you see”

h. “Is it day or night?” Why do you think it is so?”

i. “I want you to change is to (day/night) tell me as soon as you have done this.”

j. Repeat i 3 times ending with it a bright sunny day.

k. “who is making

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