The Invocation of Squat — to get a good parking space

I learned this spell some years ago at the Etheracon conference. I forget who taught it, it might have been Judy Harrow but I’m not 100% certain. Squat is the Deva of Parking. She takes the form of a heavyset black woman in a meter-maid’s uniform. Parking meters are her altars and the parking fee counts as the sacrifice in the spell. If no parking meter is present, a couple of pennies should be dropped in the street or sidewalk as the offering. The ritual goes as follows:

If you are having trouble finding a good parking space, make the sign of Squat: hand splayed with thumb and ring finger touching (sort of like the OK sign but to the ring finger,) picture the Deva, Squat, described above and chant:

“Squat, Squat, find me a spot”

Until a space presents itself. After you have parked, give the offering and thank the Deva with the chant:

Squat, Squat, thanks for the spot. We think you’re real hot and we love you a lot”

Don’t laugh. I’ve used this spell many times and it works well. It is reputedly in common usage among New York City pagans.

Written by Daecon
Used with Permission
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