by Robin Artisson

The road may be lonely, the sun hot, the winds cold-

May the Mother of All, forever with you, caress your face with her Winds, and warm you with her Fires.

The eyes of many seek for joy in the mirror of the world-

May your fields bloom in your sight, and your eyes rest in dark, blossomless sleep when they grow weary.

The mead of life can be bitter or attainable only by struggle-

May sweet mead fill your cup, and ripe fruit burden the low branches before you;

May the sweet mead of your deeds reap satisfaction and prosperity for your family and for your people;

May the strong mead of knowledge fill your head with the ecstasy of Inspiration-

And may the Mead of Love fill your heart for every leaf that falls,every bird that sings, every fish that swims, and every person you meet.

So many sleep alone-

May the one you love best place their arms around you when you lie down in the evening’s time.

So many drink tears of loss and regret-

May the bitter wine of wrath and heartbreak not touch your lips.

The blinking eyes of night watch the lonely traveler-

May you see the Morning Star shine on you, promising the coming of a new day.

The way seems long around the hill-

May your many ways end in peace, before a warm hearth; a home full of all that you want, and all that you need;

May the Mothers grant you strength and length of days.

Life is part of a mystery, and you join this mystery in many ways-

May all your lives end in Truth.

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