I am a spiritual witch. I follow a belief system that I have found great comfort in, a system that has been passed on to me by my guides. You will see it is based on a Wiccan lifestyle, but it also has great influence by Hinduism.

These are the guidelines in which I have set myself to follow. The idea is to keep me in line, and keep me constantly attuned with the universe.

Know yourself. Learn who you fundamentally and truly are, what your strengths and weaknesses are. This way, you will know what you need to work on, to grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Know your beliefs. And live them! Practice what you preach.

Meditate daily. Meditation settles not only the mind, but the spirit. And you will be surprised how much better you will feel.

Keep a journal. Writing everything down helps you to see where you are going wrong, if you are going wrong. Don’t forget to correct those wrongs.

Stretch daily. Yes, exercise. It is important to take care of your physical body, as well as your spiritual. I sometimes like to listen to some New Age music while stretching as it puts my mind in a magical place.

Learn. Read books, do research. Keep your brain alive and learn more about this universe you are a part of. Learn more about your belief system and learn new ways to improve what you are currently doing with your life. Learn from nature, look within for knowledge and wisdom. Never stop learning.

Apply your knowledge with wisdom. Use your knowledge to make informed decisions, and be ready to accept the consequences of ALL of your actions. When doing spellwork, make your intentions clear, and again, be ready to accept responsibility for ANY outcome.

Give thanks. Say thank you.. for that lovely parking spot, or for that green traffic light. Saying thank you is a simple way to honour the universe.

Help others in need. Helping people that need help will encourage them to help others too. In order to heal this selfish world, we have to start the change ourselves.

Keep your words and thoughts in good order. Yes, it’s hard not to think of hurtful thoughts after someone has hurt you, but your thoughts and words are like your actions, you cannot take them back. The simple rule in magic is to man your thoughts and intentions as they have power. Ever wished something could happen and it actually did? – Be careful what you think of, it can become a reality.

Celebrate life every day. Every day is a gift. The new flowers, the beautiful skies, the cool breeze, are all gifts from Nature. Appreciate them by giving thanks and celebrate their life.

Achieve balance. The goal here is to achieve balance in all aspects – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Balance work and play. Balance your diet. Balance your finances. Balance your lifestyle.

Live the Law of Attraction. “Like attracts like”. Good positive thoughts will attract good positive actions.

Wish upon a star. Wishing upon stars is not only a part of magic, but it also keeps your faith in magic burning strongly.

Look to nature for inspiration. Nature is beautiful. Sit under a tree and read a book. I can assure you, whenever you feel disenchanted or uninspired, take a walk through a garden and you will feel your best.

Work on crafts. Everyone has an inner artist, you just have to find it. Work with your hands, paint, draw and enjoy your expressions.

Listen to inspiring music. Music speaks to the soul. I personally listen to New Age music as it puts me into a magical mood.

Tend to plants and flowers. Gardening is very therapeutic and it’s very fulfilling. Growing your own herbs can be very rewarding, and you tend to learn a lot more about them in the process.

Volunteer some time to a good cause. Contribute to your community.

Recycle! Recycling and re-using items is not only good for your environment, but it is part of taking care of Mother Nature.

Write new rituals. Writing rituals is a practice, and practice makes perfect.

Experiment with different divination tools. Explore your unknowns. See what works for you and what doesn’t.

Listen to and communicate with animals. Animals are grounded much better than we are. Learn from them.



This list will expand as my journey continues.

Blessed be.
Luna )O(

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