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  • Does anybody have and tips for a baby green witch?

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  • Being solitary is not easy. What are some of the challenges you stumble across in your witch life? For me, it’s the lack of a physical social interaction.

    • Well have the social interaction at work to a point. But at home with homework and such, is tough. And dealing with being alone even though don’t feel it, is tough sometimes.

      • I think it’s the lack of accountability. Like I’ll try to do regular spell work and end up falling off cause I don’t really have anyone there to hold me to it.

        • I totally get this.. that’s why I made Luna’s Grimoire a community, not just a BOS. I think sharing in groups is important so that we can keep each other accountable for the little big things, y know?

  • I am LOVING this Rosemary smudge stick I made!! Does anyone else like using Rosemary for smudges?

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    • I have always wanted to make my own smudge sticks. I have cedar naturally growing on my property as well as a well stocked herb garden. Any recommendations on what to use and how to make them?

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    Luna posted in the group Solitary Practitioners

    Hey guys, how are you preparing for the Sabbat this year?

  • Well am slowly getting back into my reading to learn more about my craft. Have a friend on the East Coast that is helping me along as well. We are sending good vibes to her boss who has some medical issues. Now the question is that when do that, my head hurts. Is there a reason why that is?/ (he does have a cancerous brain tumor

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    • it’s draining when you send out energy like that and the headache could be from that. but there are occasions when empaths can feel the recipient’s ailments (pain, pressure, etc). be sure to ground and centre before and after every time you send energy

  • Well, I do practice alone after a long time doing it on and off. Are there any ways can have an altar set up but at same time not look too obvious?

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    • I used to have one in a bay window. I just left all my crystals and stuff there and it looked pretty but not incredibly obvious what it was. Mine looked more like a design than an altar, if that made sense, and there wasn’t any really obvious bits like pentacles and stuff.. I had them, I just left them hidden or behind objects. I used my…

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  • Hello, I created this group so that those who have questions about practicing alone, can finally get answers and compare methods and swap recipes with other members and more! no more solitary practicing in the traditional sense! let’s all support each other <3

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  • So…does anyone have a favorite herb,resin, bark, berry,root they like to use this time of year? Right now I am using a lot of dried Elderberries (Sambucus nigra). Elderberry is an antioxidant that boost the immune system, improves heart health , fights against coughs, colds, and flu, and bacterial and viral infections. I make a elderberry and…Read More

    • Oh really? That’s definitely something I will keep in mind then.

    • been cutting off and drying all of my Sage to make smug sticks, and brought my Rosemary inside bc its getting cold here now…. a friend of mine has not been feeling well, so i made her a few smudge sticks with a huge seashell as a ‘plate’ to set them on as they smoldered out.

      • That sounds awesome and I bet your friend is very thankful! I love using Sage. I put it in all of my incense blends. Sage is also good for sore muscles! I make a Epsom salt soak with sage, pine needles, and juniper berries and my husband loves it for his back pain.

        • That works for back pain? I’m making a note of that LOL!

          • My husband has severe scoliosis and I make several things for his back. He uses cayenne pepper + menthol salve during the day for his back pain, at night he soaks on an Epsom salt bath, which has the sage in it. It also has pine needles, crushed juniper berries, lavender, and essential oils. I can give you the recipe I have if you would like it.…Read More

        • I am going to try that bath soak!

          • Let me give you the entire recipe I use. We love it and I hope that you will too!
            Sore Muscle Soak
            2 ½ c. Epsom salt
            ¾ c baking soda
            2 Tbs. dried chamomile flowers
            1 Tbs. dried juniper berries
            2 Tbs. pine needles
            2 Tbs. sage leaves
            2 Tbs. peppermint leaves
            2 Tbs. lavender
            6 drops eucalyptus essential oil
            8 drops peppermint essential oil
            4 drops j…Read More

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