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  • Hello everyone, my partner has told me just recently that he has seen what he thinks is a ghost from around the first world war in our back yard several times, it just stands there and looks at him or points towards a place near the creek we back onto we have lived in this house for around 7 years. I would just like to know what your thoughts on this are.

  • I have a question, when doing spells and or rituals do you need to to open a circle every time or use an altar? I am asking because in all the books I have read they do not really explain much, and I am a little confused on the matter.

    • I will be honest. Unless it’s a ritual, I do not. I just light the candle, say the spell, burn the paper, and voila. I meditate and light incense and all that jazz before. I’m actually rewriting our Wicca 101 programme to explain this and remove other stuff.

      • Thank you it was something that I always wondered about because sometimes it is just impractical for a simple spell.

  • Hello I am new here.

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