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  • September 27
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  • Hello everyone.

  • Merry Meet to all! Well I’m not sure if it’s just the general state of things everywhere right now, this particular full moon coinciding with the lunar eclipse, but WOW the flurry of emotions inside me are causing me intense ups & downs, am I the only one, or are the others having a roller coaster of emotions right now?

  • I want to get a clear understanding of what I’m going through. I have been noticing sign an seeing things before they happen. I have also been into the tarot lately. An I am very interested in learning more.

  • Well am trying to get a BOS started. I was going to do a large one but am leaning towards having separate ones for crystals/stones, spells, information, self-care, etc. Having one is wonderful but having to flip through just one will make me nuts. So can you do a physical one and one online??

  • Hello, I’m new and super excited to be here! Merry meet everyone!

  • Hi all,
    I made black salt at the full moon this week.
    Here are some images of the end product.
    The BOS page is in Dutch, sorry about that 🙂 But still, it is a nice page.

    many blessings,

    • how AWESOME is black salt?? can you tell us how you made it?

      • yes of course

        What you need:
        – mortar and pestle
        – sea salt
        – Charcoal (if not burned wood, then the powder in activated charcoal pills will do)
        – ashes from just burned incense

        • those ingredients are mixed and powdered with the mortar and pestle. Be careful with the amount of salt. You want the salt to stay black, not of grey.
          🙂 easy peasy

  • Hello all just here trying to find like minded people and learn all I can

  • hello and merry meet i am new here and im curious about how this forum works.

  • Hey! I was wondering if anyone knew how or where you can meet other Witches. Like are there ever any festivals or anything specifically for Witchcraft where I could potentially meet people?? Thanks!

    • Hey! You should check out for some Pagan meetups near you online (but make sure they’re safe of course). Maybe go to some metaphysical/witch stores as well to ask if they host any events. I think there are some festivals or Sabbath celebrations. For me, there’s this like annual dancing ritual performance a city over, and my local witch shop often…Read More

    • Luna’s Grimoire is full of them… that’s why I created the social network so that people can meet each other..

    • I have found a few on Facebook as well, but nothing local to my area (Western NY).

  • Hi, so I’m trying to find out some things that have happened to me mean and it’s kind of the reason I got into Witchcraft and all,
    (please don’t judge me)
    – for some reason some people in my family has had a lot of experiences with and have befriended faeries
    – For one ever since I was a kid, I’ve been attracted to faerie like things (not like…Read More

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    • Hey @lolabella thank you for sharing your experience with us. It sounds really interesting! It looks like you’ve had some natural experiences with faeries, which is not uncommon but your experiences will be unique to you. You might be highly intuitive from what I can see so far. Might want to look in that direction and see if it resonates with you.

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