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    SC Fixed Male-Female Fiber Optic Attenuator 1 – 30dB Plug Type With Metal / ABS Housing

    SC Male – Female (Plug – in Type) Fiber Optic Attenuator manufactured by China Fiber Optic Technology Limited Company is available from 1 to 20dB attenuation with 1dB step and 25dB and 30dB with low tolerance. SC Male / Female Attenuators can accommodate up to 200mw high power and offer 50dB or more typical return loss.

    China Fiber Optic Technology Limited Company provides a variety of attenuators, moreover, if the existent types of our products can not satisfy your program, you just need to email us your specific requirements, and we can supply customized products according to each buyer’s demand. We have our own research and development team to make sure your requirements can be satisfied. And we also have quality control center to ensure products quality.

    Fiber optic systems
    Receiver padding for optical receiver protection
    Optical power equalization
    Linearity and dynamic range testing in laboratory equipment
    Optical margin testing
    BER testing
    Technical Parameters
    ParametersUnit Condition Values
    Return LossdBPC≥ 50
    dBAPC≥ 60
    Attenuation AccuracydB1dB ~ 10dB< 0.5
    dB11dB ~ 20dB< 1
    Operating WavelengthnmSM1200,1600 or 1310,1550
    nmMM850, 1300
    Polarization Dependent LossdB/≤ 0.2
    Maximum Input Powermw/200
    Operating Temperature°C/- 40 ~ + 80

    Q: Can you supply OEM products under our brand?
    A: Yes, we are manufacturer, but we can accept OEM service with OEM package, you just need to send us your detailed requirements.

    Q: How can I get your price list?
    A: Please send email to us which items you are interested in, we will send it to you within 24 hours.

    Q: How could I get samples?
    A: Samples are free if we have stock, or not. Samples will be sent to you after receipt of payment, with the freight included into the sample invoice.
    Product Details
    Customized Optical Fiber Attenuator


You can send us an email if you have any queries.


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