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    6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hellooooo everyone! I found Luna’s Grimoire when it popped up on the google search engine and over time I kept coming over and seeing some amazing information and loved it so I signed up for the Becoming Wiccan Class and it’s even more amazing. Just like everyone else I’m stuck inside and wishing the virus never happened. Well it’s here now and the positive side is appreciation for my family, time for my wiccan practice and learning, taking time for myself and doing a lot of meditation which tackles the stress about all this. Completing many of my crochet projects too especially now it’s getting cooler in Australia and we are heading into winter.

    • OMGoddess thank you for your lovely words.. I just hope that everyone enjoys the website and it helps a few people here and there 🙂

      Meditation is always very helpful when it comes to de-stressing. Have you tried some basic yoga? It helps to ground you as well as stretch your body and get your heart and circulation going which is a great bonus. Knitting and other craft projects are really good stress relief and making something gives you a feeling of satisfaction, which everyone needs right now!

      This pandemic has brought people back to centre. It’s good to spend time at home with your loved ones and not have to spend hours commuting and sitting in an office all day. Hopefully people will learn from this. Maybe, maybe not.

        • When I started waking up during the night with anxiety I knew I had to fall back on things I’ve learned in the past much more, such as meditation, yoga, and tai chi. Headspace works great as part of my routine and I now sleep better and anxiety has run away. I love to crochet a lot and am currently working on my corona rectangular shawl :). I think there will be positives from the lockdowns but not so much from the virus I think. I’m so glad I’m isolating with the family I have, they are easy to get along with and we tackle our anxiety and sleeplessness issues together and on an individual basis. Mum loves to garden, Hubby loves to fix tech, and I love crocheting and meditating. The tai chi is great but I have to go outside to wave my sword around there’s not much room inside for that LOL!

          • Headspace is great for those who need a guide. Calm is also a good one. It’s great that you’re focusing on the positive aspects of this as many are just trapped by anxiety and not really seeing how nature is recovering and how we can make this a much better world by just slowing down a little. it’s great that you guys also have found a lovely routine indoors and have separate hobbies. tai chi is amazing, I’m more of a yoga person.

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