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  • March 1
  • Spell working, Divination, Enchanted Items, Psychic Talents (ESP), Kitchen Witchery, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Herb Magick, Crystal Magick
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  • Hello all just here trying to find like minded people and learn all I can

  • hello and merry meet i am new here and im curious about how this forum works.

  • I did not do spell but I did a similar version. 🙂

  • Hey guys, can we all do this for Beltane please and share on social media. The more the merrier!

    • I shared it with a witchy group I am apart of on Facebook! Several ladies are planning on lighting a candle and saying it today. They think it’s a wonderful spell!

      • thank you for sharing. it’s seemed to have helped in some small way as a few nervous people around me suddenly stopped being overwhelmed a couple days after Beltane )O(

  • BB Coven Members, welcome to Luna’s Grimoire’s new Coven.

    With the Sabbat soon, how are we all preparing given this year will be isolated Beltane celebrations?

    • Am not sure but will light a candle, do a little meditation after taking a ritual shower. Since redoing my apartment, just am doing it my way with the candles. Seem to work for me for now

      • That’s pretty much what I do now, candles and incense. But sometimes that’s all you need 💚

        • That’s great to hear. Am not big on the ritual thing but like candles, incense, music. Since my husband past last year, am trying, not successful yet, meditation with some music. It helps get things in perspective to a point. Not all the time but does help. And with rearranging the apartment to suit ME now, finding some things are working. One…Read More

          • There we go… small changes can make big differences… I’m so happy you can find some peace 💚

            • Yea, am trying and not there yet. Am still adjusting to my new “normal”. Did get some ideas from my general practioner which helps. So the small changes are making a difference. It is, like life, an ongoing learning process.

    • My coven is meeting online through video chat. It is not like being able to hug each other in the flesh, but better than months of no interraction.

      • Oh that’s so nice that everyone is meeting online! I know it’s not the same but at least it’s something 🙂

    • I probably will light a candle, maybe make some small celebratory foods. If I do any kind if spell or ritual, it will most likely be while I’m making food.

    • Well I’m kinda stuck at home, but I found some old craft supplies for candle making. So, this year I’m making beeswax candles and doing some light baking!

      • ouuuuu! please share your process here! can’t wait to see your candles and cakes <3

  • Just under two weeks to the next sabbat! How are you guys preparing for it?


    • Well we are still under the stay at home order. But being a newbie to the practice in general, I thought about lighting a fire in our fire pit (weather permitting) and do some positive meditations. I also plan on doing some planting over the course of the week. My herb garden is needing some TLC now that we are almost done with frosts here.

      • That sounds amazing! And along the same lines as what I’m doing at home as well. Except the planting bit because I can just about keep myself and a parrot alive LOL

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    Let me know what you think. If you want more just tell me which ones and we can add them! #newfeature #update

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    • They are a mixed bag because I didn’t design them a myself but I will upgrade them later on and do all my own ones when we have decided which ones we love the most!

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    Luna posted in the group LG Members Tavern

    The live chat is now… LIVE! It will live on the homepage and some groups can have their own chatroom, like the coven group. #newfeature #update Let me know what you guys think of it!

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    Luna posted in the group LG Members Tavern

    Tried to make the homepage a little bit easier to navigate. Please tell me if there are any buttons or features you’d like to see and we’ll try to make it happen! #update

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