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  • December 21
  • Spell working, Enchanted Items, Kitchen Witchery, Tarot, Crystal Magick
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December 21

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Hello everyone. I am a wife and mother to 12 children….from adult down to 10 years old…plus 3 fur babies. I love my job….yes I am a stay at home wife and mother. I have always had a connection with WICCA, Witches, spells, tarot cards, plus more. Every since I was like in 6th grade I have been drawn in some way to this. Now that I am an adult and at home I want to find my path. Find out what kind of witch I am and more. Learn all I can. I have 1 child that is following in my footateps. My daughter who is 28. Well that’s about it. Thank you for reading. Blessed Be.


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