• Shadow posted an update 2 years, 6 months ago

    I was requested by Luna to post this here on LG. Please note that this is not something to discuss politics, it is here to express my frustration with the discussion of politics:

    This is a terrifying time to be in this country… There are Trump supporters threatening anyone who doesn’t look like them. There are Hillary supporters attacking Trump supporters. Riots in the streets. People act like they are the “bigger” persons because the riots aren’t because of “their people” without realizing if the shoe were on the other foot, it would be the same because there are extremist views on both sides. You may not be extreme, but there are people who are. And that’s not your fault – that’s no ones fault except for the extremists.

    We sit there, trying to put our finger on where it has gone so wrong when there is no one thing to blame. There are hundreds of thousands of problems and instead of working to fix the problems, one thing at a time… We get overwhelmed and frustrated by all of the problems that it’s easier to point at each other and say “you are the problem!!”

    The reason that it’s come down to this is because if you spew hate, vitriol, and bigotry for so long, it sits there, brewing and festering until it erupts like the most violent volcano. We’ve had a long time with both sides throwing shit at each other like a couple of monkeys instead of the president-elects that they were. Instead of discussing policies, they slandered each other with anything they could get ahold of.

    Much of it has to do with our media and the ability for something to travel worldwide with only the touch of a button. Because, today, it’s not about sharing facts with the people so that they can come to their own conclusions. It’s about getting even a whiff of a story and tripping over each other to be the first ones to share it. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or based in half-truths. Then they slather a bit of their opinion on the top so that it doesn’t “offend” their particular viewership and to make what little information that they have look interesting, then off you go, with no care of what the repercussions might be.

    It develops and reinforces an “us vs them” mentality. A mentality that has been present for as long as humans have existed, but has grown and grown and grown until it can’t contain itself any more. So you have people becoming more and more extreme, more and more vocal, and less and less likely to even attempt to understand anything that doesn’t fit within their realm of thought. Because someone bigger than them validated their particular opinion and they have no reason to question it – “look here, it’s fact.”

    Now that I’ve voiced that, let me say this about myself and what I believe in:

    I support peaceful protest, but I do not support violence.

    I support freedom of speech, but I do not support hatefulness.

    I support freedom of religion/non-religion, but I do not support forcing someone to believe in your religion/non-religion just because you think that you are right.

    I support equality, but I do not support dragging other people down to obtain that equality.

    I support the freedom that each person has to form their own opinions, but I do not support forcing your opinion onto someone else so that you feel validated.

    I support knowledge, I do not support remaining willfully ignorant of the facts that are presented to you.

    TL;DR: Everything that is happening was going to happen regardless of who won, for many different reasons. Stop pointing fingers at each other and stop telling people that their feelings are stupid just because you can’t understand. People are scared and angry right now – its a dangerous combination. Please, just empathize.

    • It’s a scary time right now. Thanks for sharing here. I’m really concerned about people’s safety right now; no one is thinking about their actions. They are fuelled by crude emotion with no holding back.

    • Yeah… I can’t seem to take a few steps anywhere on the internet now without something causing me to break out in tears. It’s been rough. I posted this because a lot of people are fueling the fire by yelling at the people who are panicking, without realizing that that just makes the wounds cut all the deeper and for people to scream louder.

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