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  • I just posted a reply to a message I received and I didn’t realize that it went through, so I clicked on it repeatedly. (I’m doing this on my phone from a heavily wooded area) I can’t figure out how to delete the extra ones, so sorry for any inconvenience!! Mya. (Should I touch “post update” again for this one? My message is still in the box& when…Read More

    • Oh I did that a couple of times. I shared something about 20 times and had to delete all the shares because it flooded the timeline LOL 😂 Give it some time to upload if you’ve got spotty internet. I’ll also see what we can do on our end to speed up the upload time, if we can do anything about it. Let me know if you’re still having problems.

  • I’m intrigued by this website! So many topics to keep my interest and satisfy my longing for good reads. I also get a smile out of the black cat icon, as I’ll be in black cat dress this weekend in Savannah, GA, USA. Thanks for having me!

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    • How lovely! We have so much more coming too. We just reformatted the library a bit to make it easier to find the articles. Also, you can access it from the menu bar too (just click/tap the plus icon on Library in the menu). Don’t forget to share the photos from this weekend with us!

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