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I am very new to this but I am very intrigued by everything spiritual as long as it’s authentic. I have recently started reading Akashic Records for clients and performing clearing and healing sessions with them which is extremely liberating. I feel there is more out there and I am eager to learn. I started my quest last year through, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. I then traveled (solo) to Bali for my 30th birthday and things just seem to escalate faster than I expected. I went to a yoga retreat but turned out to be just a guy providing accommodation and had yoga teachers come over for anyone interested. I ended up meeting quite a few interesting people from very different walks of life – I met a Siberian, an American, a Japanese guy, 2 Romanians, a really lovely person from Suriname (I had never heard of the country), a Brazilian, an American and an Australian. During my stay there I attended a CHAKRA healing session, I didn’t have the same effect as everyone else (they had running stomachs, but not me). I came back home in January, shaved all my hair on the 12.01.2020, I couldn’t explain what lead me to it, but I just felt that I had to do it. I think that’s when I started my healing process. I started learning about the moon plus her different phases and their energy. I learned about and I am still learning about the spirit family around me. Fast forward to end of July, I’m no longer the same person. I now identify as a healer to most people and a witch to the trusted ones. It feels liberating to even state that fact now. I supposed my journey is not really little.


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