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  • Sorry I haven’t been here for a little while, have been a very busy solitary witch! Have the finishing touches underway for the Covid19 Spellbox. Love all the great brand new shiny things happening on LG it’s awesome! From curiosity I would like to put the question out here why a person would enjoy working as a solitary as opposed to a coven?

    • I prefer being solitary because people can be judgey with their craft… oh why’d you do that, or not do that, etc. No one to explain my madness to. It works for me, leave me be. BUT! I’ve made a digital coven here on Luna’s Grimoire so that we can all work together to make the world a calmer place. So you have the best of both worlds 🙂

      • Sorry I’ve been out of circulation for a while, but like everyone else this corovid19 is wreaking havoc on ordinary life and stressing my family out. I’m meditating so much I feel like a zen monk already! LOL!

        • don’t worry, it’s the same with me. between work and trying to get more work and keep my sanity, it’s been a trying time, that’s for sure. but we all shall survive, no worries about that!

  • Took me a long while but I did it! Here’s the Healing Spell Box and hope you enjoy because I did! Would love to hear what fun things people place in it that represents healing for them. I always place a note at the beginning of my spells indicating it is from the southern hemisphere perspective and I love making my own worksheets.

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  • Hello, I’m new and super excited to be here! Merry meet everyone!

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  • Hi all,
    I made black salt at the full moon this week.
    Here are some images of the end product.
    The BOS page is in Dutch, sorry about that 🙂 But still, it is a nice page.

    many blessings,

    • how AWESOME is black salt?? can you tell us how you made it?

      • yes of course

        What you need:
        – mortar and pestle
        – sea salt
        – Charcoal (if not burned wood, then the powder in activated charcoal pills will do)
        – ashes from just burned incense

        • those ingredients are mixed and powdered with the mortar and pestle. Be careful with the amount of salt. You want the salt to stay black, not of grey.
          🙂 easy peasy

  • Hello all just here trying to find like minded people and learn all I can

  • hello and merry meet i am new here and im curious about how this forum works.

    • Hello there! There are many different sub forums you can use for help and chatting to others. Look at the tab “Luna’s Grimoire Features for more understanding. 🙂

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    Kristal posted in the group Tarot

    So with doing readings for friends and family I’m curious as to cleansing my decks. I don’t want the people’s negative energies to stay within the cards and such. Is my sage and sweet grass enough to cleanse them? Should I do something differnt? Thank you in advance. Blessed be

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    • I use a sage smudging every time I do a reading to clear the air, even if it’s just me. energy tends to kinda float around and I’m a little paranoid about it.

  • Hi! I’m Avery and I am new to the spell working but I do know how to do protection and I know how to ground myself. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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    • hey @averyisalittlewitchy we have a grounding exercise on the website if you type in grounding you’ll find the article and there are LOADS of protection options as well that you can find on the search feature in the menu

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    Deb posted in the group Tarot

    Merry Meet!!
    I am looking for recommendations on books, info for Tarot. I’m new here, was directed here from another Magickal group.
    I’m an eclectic witchy full blown empath.
    What an amazing site this is…. I’ve spent the last hour reading through articles. Thank you Luna!!

  • Hi all,

    I’ll share a recipe that I have made for many clients. This is for adults and kids of all ages (even dogs and cats). They are eardrops to treat otitis media.

    This recipe works already with just the olive oil and mullein if you have the rest that is just added bonus.
    The herbs can be fresh or dried. Dried has worked very well for me…Read More

    • Please, please be careful when using fresh/dried herbs (or aromatherapy) around your furbabies as they do not have the enzymes to break them down as we do, and ingesting (garlic and onions for example) can be toxic to dogs, and so can lavender. Do your research and contact your vet just as you would your medical provider with any questions. As…Read More

      • Thank you for pointing that out, but the drops are meant to be put in the ears. DO NOT INGEST

        • Yes, I understand, though another caution is that it is still absorbed into the bloodstream when applied topically. Gotta keep our babies (human and fur) safe! 😉

          • so true 🙂 The version with just the mullein in it is save. We – me and my customers have used it with drops applied to the ears for ourselves, babies, kids and furbabies 🙂

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