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  • Brightest blessings everyone! Been struggling for focus this week, not sure what is actually wrong with me.. I feel like time is just slipping away… hope all is well with everyone!

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    Magic or Magick? What’s the meaning behind the “k”?

    Does the extra 'k' have a meaning? How important is it? If you have been reading anything about paganism, Wicca, witchcraft or the like, you would have come across an alternative spelling for the word, ‘magic’. The word ‘magick’ is...

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    Luna posted in the group Art Club

    This is a WIP from two weeks ago.. have to finish it soon but the tiiiiiiime…

    • Your painting looks to be in digital format. Am I correct? What medium/program are you working in?

      • it’s Procreate on the iPad Pro 🙂 really good software, I recommend highly

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    ← Back to ‘Crystals & Stones’ Keywords: mental and spiritual clarity, decisiveness Chakras: solar plexus, crown Element: wind, fire Physical: stimulates metabolism and digestion, enhances brain function Emotional: aids in overcoming fear and insecurity, finding one's own power Spiritual: facilitates attuning to Divine inspiration and...

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    ← Back to ‘Crystals & Stones’ Keywords: calm power of will, manifestation of creative ideas Chakras: solar plexus Element: fire Physical: soothing and restorative to the digestive system and bowels Emotional: overcoming anxiety, establishing a calm, optimistic outlook Spiritual: finding the courage to express oneself...

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  • Finally writing the intro to the new book and I’m looking at the whole thing realising that we’ve kinda carved out a massive focus on new age paganism, which is like a fusion of new age, buddhism and paganism all in one…. don’t realise that we even did that. oh well, new age paganism here I come! 🤣

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    ← Back to ‘Crystals & Stones’ Keywords: light, warmth, solar energies, clarification, healing Chakras: solar plexus Element: earth Physical: increases life force, optimal functioning of organs and systems Emotional:  releasing fear of judgement or conflict, finding inner freedom Spiritual: provides protection from negative influences Hardness: 2...

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    Luna wrote a new post


    ← Back to ‘Crystals & Stones’ Keywords: Joy and wisdom, release of sorrow Chakras: Heart, Third Eye, Crown Element: Wind, water Physical: stimulates pituitary glands, helps balance brain functions Emotional: helps with relieving stress, encouraging trust, awakening joy Spiritual: enhancing awareness of Divine love, recalling...

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    Luna wrote a new post

    Agate, Moss

    ← Back to ‘Crystals & Stones’   Keywords: stability, persistence, grounding Chakras: Root, Heart Element: Earth Physical: aids stabilising of all body systems, enhancement of sensing capabilities, aiding circulation, digestion, neuronal activity Emotional: encourages peaceful temperament, lessens mood swings, helps develop stronger will forces Spiritual: opens inner doors...

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    Luna wrote a new post

    Agate, Fire

    ← Back to ‘Crystals & Stones’ Keywords: vitality, sexuality, creativity, will Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus Element: fire Physical: stimulates youthful energy, sexual organs, digestion, bowels Emotional: intensifies emotions, increases passion, enhances sexual attraction Spiritual: revitalises spiritual and physical energies, inspires creativity Hardness: 7 ← Back to ‘Crystals...

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