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  • My favorite is MOLDAVITE. But Daily I use rose quartz and Tiger Eye

  • I want to get a clear understanding of what I’m going through. I have been noticing sign an seeing things before they happen. I have also been into the tarot lately. An I am very interested in learning more.

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    • hello @danib314 it sounds like you are definitely intuitive and have a connection to the world around you. pay attention to your signs and see if you can notice any patterns (they will be able to indicate what is about to happened should reoccur for that specific scenario). Tarot would be a great start for you! How has your journey been so far?

  • Are there no newer posts? 🙁

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    • hello, sorry I think there have been a lot of people just not signing in lately. feel free to message me directly if you have any questions or you can start a discussion if you like 🙂

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    The following information may contain Southern Hemisphere correspondences.

    Healing Spell Box
    By Summerlight
    Monday 20th April 2020 Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces.

    What’s it for?: Covid19 is now here so this spell isn’t designed to get rid of it, but for everyone to build an effective immunity against it so it becomes non life-threatening.…Read More

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  • Sorry I haven’t been here for a little while, have been a very busy solitary witch! Have the finishing touches underway for the Covid19 Spellbox. Love all the great brand new shiny things happening on LG it’s awesome! From curiosity I would like to put the question out here why a person would enjoy working as a solitary as opposed to a coven?

    • I prefer being solitary because people can be judgey with their craft… oh why’d you do that, or not do that, etc. No one to explain my madness to. It works for me, leave me be. BUT! I’ve made a digital coven here on Luna’s Grimoire so that we can all work together to make the world a calmer place. So you have the best of both worlds 🙂

      • Sorry I’ve been out of circulation for a while, but like everyone else this corovid19 is wreaking havoc on ordinary life and stressing my family out. I’m meditating so much I feel like a zen monk already! LOL!

        • don’t worry, it’s the same with me. between work and trying to get more work and keep my sanity, it’s been a trying time, that’s for sure. but we all shall survive, no worries about that!

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    Took me a long while but I did it! Here’s the Healing Spell Box and hope you enjoy because I did! Would love to hear what fun things people place in it that represents healing for them. I always place a note at the beginning of my spells indicating it is from the southern hemisphere perspective and I love making my own worksheets.

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  • Anyone have a favorite crystal they would like to talk about? Or a crystal they are using right now?

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    Kristal posted in the group Tarot

    So with doing readings for friends and family I’m curious as to cleansing my decks. I don’t want the people’s negative energies to stay within the cards and such. Is my sage and sweet grass enough to cleanse them? Should I do something differnt? Thank you in advance. Blessed be

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    • I use a sage smudging every time I do a reading to clear the air, even if it’s just me. energy tends to kinda float around and I’m a little paranoid about it.

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    This is a WIP from two weeks ago.. have to finish it soon but the tiiiiiiime…

    • Your painting looks to be in digital format. Am I correct? What medium/program are you working in?

      • it’s Procreate on the iPad Pro 🙂 really good software, I recommend highly

  • Hi! I’m Avery and I am new to the spell working but I do know how to do protection and I know how to ground myself. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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    • hey @averyisalittlewitchy we have a grounding exercise on the website if you type in grounding you’ll find the article and there are LOADS of protection options as well that you can find on the search feature in the menu

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