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    Magnetic Chamfer Strip used to be applied in steel concrete construction system for fixing on the exact position, which is composed of Steel, cast-in super neodymium magnets and molding compressed rubber.
    Compared to full-in Steel Magnetic Chamfer,the rubber magnetic strip is much lighter and easier to move, while in the same function. Currently, we already developed trapezoial shape and triangle shaped reveal chamfer magnet to meet customers needs.
    We will custom fabricate trapezoidal reveal to customer detail. we can supply with magnetized and without, different size and length is available to customer order.
    Triangle profile
    A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Magnetic length
    20202850 o 100%
    25253550 o 100%
    30304250 o 100%
    Trapezoid profile
    A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)Magnetic length
    10103050 o 100%
    20104050 o 100%
    20154550 o 100%
    After-Sales System:
    Our response will be always available within 12 hours.
    Products and packing pictures before shipment.
    Offer Invoice, packing list and documents timely.
    Shipping notice and goods arrival notice at timely.
    Magnet application suggestion and tipsCustomized Magnetic Chamfer

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