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    Wow hard to believe its been a year since i last had anything to say? or perhaps the time/space continuum got mixed up with all the distractions the world has to throw at a person? I was going to throw out a story, it was one the more i thought about it the more I realized it was probably too self centered … I think the world has more than enough self centered people in it, so I will save that story for a later day. This story is about you, take what you need, discard what you don’t and remember agreement is never mandatory.

    It does not matter what country you live in, your status in life, your age. how you look or anything else encompassing the physical realm, this story is a reminder about the things that effect us all.

    Money… I am so sick of this money issue, it seems to be the source of all the things in your world and in the world in general. It is all consuming, all controlling and temporal power. It really is “the root of all evil”. That is if a person allows it to become, one must do what they must to survive, but that does not mean sacrafice forsake what you should become or intended to become.
    We have a quite global revolution taking place, it is the crypto currency revolution taking place. Like any revolution it is filled with danger, risk and uncertainty. It could be crushed by the powers that be… but at this moment in time, they have not been able to stop it and loose control more by the day. Crypto Currency has the potential to re-write the economic rules. Perhaps if you want to take the risks, find a legitimate crypto currency to buy and hold for 5 years and perhaps you will find your money concerns solved in those short 5 years? Perhaps crypto currency will never come to pass… but the success ratio is greater than the failure ratio at this moment in time.
    All one has to do is think back when you were a child, go back to the times where you had no concept of money or use for it. Think back to the things you did then that you no longer do… it is odd how the secrets of fate, destiny, dreams and the spiritual realm revealed itself to you. As a young child all this is done for a reason, it is because they have no inhibitions, open minded and receptive to the other side. As we all have learned, that is highly discouraged, we are conditioned, broken, rebuilt, manipulated to become something that is un-natural “to fit into society” when we were given the answers all along. Everyone has a talent, everyone has a divine gift… I do not know what it is, only you do and yes you have one, whether you know it or not. Most of us are not allowed to use these gifts because of innumerable excuses, reasons and a life time of conditioning into the “Conform or be Caste out” judgment model practiced all over the world. It is easier to conform simply as “survival and self preservation”. To me this is not the way a life was meant to be lived, nor the fate and destiny written for each person or the world.

    Can you imagine your world if you were allowed to freely pursue your gifts and talents? Can you imagine the life altering events that would enter your world, if your gifts and talents were encouraged and accepted no matter what these gifts are? Can you image the world if 4 billion people were allowed to do the same? Instead we find ourselves doing what we must to survive, locked into place denied these pursuits, fates and destinies denied all because of money controlling what and where you are. The truth is if you pursue your talents and gifts, money would not be a consideration, it would become more like keeping score in a cosmic game.

    So is this the rants of a mad man? Perhaps… but this mad man wishes no harm on you or into your world, I am not the one chasing the fiat control mechanism, it chases me. Perhaps I am far too busy pursuing my own personal fate and destiny to waste any more time considering any of this? But things are good in my universe, I cant think of a change that is needed. So if I am mad, then it works for me!
    If I had one prayer for the world I wish would come to pass…. it would be.

    Realize the enemy walks among us sowing seeds of discontent, deceit and division, reject the toxic crop they offer and bring forth honorable men and women to sow the seeds of unity, truth and trust. Leading us all to a better world.

    Peace people…
    Be kind to yourself… be true to yourself, simply be yourself, you maybe surprise that success that follows if you try it.

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