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    Erling started the topic So is it a conspiracy if it is real? in the forum Group logo of The Book ClubBook Club in the group The Book Club

    3 years, 6 months ago

    This is probably one of the must read books, Titled Tragedy and Hope, although it is not totally Alt-Philosophy/Religion but more of a tool to help understand much of what has happened in the past, why it happened and as events have unfolded, what WILL happen, based on history, In the end,

    Quigley recaps that the tragedies of 1914–45 grew out of narrow, selfish 19th-century thinking, and that hope lies in returning to traditional Western virtues of “generosity, compassion, cooperation, rationality, and foresight, and finding an increased role in human life for love, spirituality, charity, and self-discipline.” He is optimistic that Western civilization can once again develop along the traditional patterns of “inclusive diversity

    and yet 50 years later Quigley from the time he recapped what needs to be done, globally the vicious cycle continues.

    Alot of knowledge is in this book and things begin to make sense in all the chaos and craziness of the world, once you have that knowledge.

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