• Erling replied to the topic Welcome to the craziness in the forum Group logo of Erling’s ThoughtsErling’s Thoughts 2 years, 5 months ago

    Welcome Bad Wolf, you may be right about about Apple and Jobs. These types have a very mercurial way of living, its not a bad thing but more a defence mechanism. Mercurial in the way if you try to put your finger on them they slide away like a drop of mercury on a plate. Stories are made up some true and some false and in the end only adding to the mystic of a subject.

    Funny you mention studying in Asia, a few years ago I studied some of the Asian Alt-philosophies and traditional/alt medicine practice in Quezon City Philippines. They have some amazing practices there, I am not sure I would totally discount not using it if I had to make that choice or found myself in Jobs situation, take a risk on “home brew” traditional meds vs Radiation and Toxic Chemical cocktails? One of those unanswerable questions, many people have to make and accept the end results of what they decide.

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