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  • March 24
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  • Merry Meet, Greetings, Hello!
    Is anyone else here studying herbal medicine or aromatherapy?

    • I did SOME study years ago but I will admit I am quite rusty lately. need to read my own research and brush up! 🤣

      • You have done your own research? May I ask of what? Do you actively use any CAM modalities on a regular basis?

        • Had to google that but yes actually I do! Yoga daily, lots of alternative medicine, healing with foods for my inflammation levels… yeah, I use a lot in my own life but I have forgotten a lot more outside of my own scope 🙁

          • Ooops, sorry about that, I keep forgetting that CAM is not as universally known as I would like, ha! I use a lot for myself, as trial and error in order to help others. My husband is also my “guinea pig” so I have a male perspective on the products in regards to scenting/flavoring and of course only he can try the beard oil and balms.

            • Oh that’s amazing! If you’ve got recipes you’d like to share, let me know and you could be an author here on Luna’s Grimoire 🙂

              • Thank you for the offer! I am working on some formulations that will be shareable. What are you interested in seeing so I know which direction to head? I do basic information and more detailed (supporting various body systems) I need an intake form to protect both sides before I recommend anything personal. Just because an herb or essential oil is…Read More

    • I am currently studying aromatherapy and herbal medicine. I tend to freak out my coworkers (in the medical field) because they immediately reach form manufactured medications and I’m like, “well if you make a tea out of …. it will help with this”. Honestly, my knowledge in herbs is due to massive amounts of reading. I am by no means an expert.

      • Where are you studying, or on your own? That is awesome! We need to spread the word more and hope people see the truths of plants and their powers. I am by no means an expert either, but learning daily and trying to do my part!

        • I am studying on my own. I try to grab or borrow any book about aromatherapy or herbal medicine. I need to also start looking at the magical side of things. It just seems like the medical side is easier for me to grasp and even remember.

    • Hi all,

      I did my studies in 2004-2006 and became a herbal healer and aromatherapist and certified in several more CAM modalities as they are called now 🙂 (had to look that up as well). I used it in my holistic center for clients who came to me with their illnesses that didn’t get better with regular medicine. Healing percentage at the time was…Read More

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  • Hello, finally finished the current college semester so I can check things out here which I have been wanting and needing to do desperately, and work on writing my own herbal and aromatherapy courses. One more semester to go, then I torture myself all over again, ha! Have to follow my calling…
    How is everyone?

    • Merry Meet @empywitch lovely to have you here! How have you been with this pandemic going on? where on the globe are you? I’m in the UK 🇬🇧 Hoping you’re well. BB ~Luna.

      • Merry Meet! Nothing has changed here with the pandemic, I rarely go out and attend college online. My husband is an essential worker so the only differences is he makes sure he is a bit more cautious and sanitizing before he comes home. I am located in Western NY, USA. How are you and things over there?

        • things are okay over here. We’ve been indoors and none of us are essential workers so only one of us (it’s four of us in the house) has been out food shopping a few times so it’s pretty contained in our house. I have no idea what’s going on outside though.

          • We live in a very rural area, there are no confirmed cases within 15-20 miles of us, and they are located in areas in which we do not visit, so we feel pretty secure. It is only me and my husband, all our children are grown and on their own, and two have children of their own. My husband is a truck driver, but has limited contact with the public…Read More

            • Us empaths seem to have had a rough five years, with this year being one of the worst since 2012 (end of the world chaos). Try some citrine, rose quartz and sage under your pillow at night. it might help a little to calm the empath within 💚

              • Thank you, I never thought of sage!! I have a personalize pillow spray blend that I made for myself that has helped a great deal. I grow sage and have some dried too, duh lol 🤨

                • sage and lavender are good for that kinda stuff 🙂

                  • Lavender does not have much of an affect on me, either type as a stimulant or relaxant.

                    • that’s like me and chamomile. it does nothing for me

                      • Yes, it is interesting how herbs work. With some they work exceptionally well with a low dose and others need the highest allowable dosage. They may take a little longer to work, but they are natural and no side effects – as long as one is not allergic or have sensitivities anyhow! 😉

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