• Sharon Benitez posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Am now in second semester of college. English Comp 122. Is going ok but not sure yet. Hurt thumb at work on Thursday night. Will see on Tuesday if have a hairline fracture or just bruised. Typing one handed for school is nuts!!

    • Congrats on reaching your second semester! GO YOU!! Sorry about the thumb though, hope it’s not serious Sharon!

      • Well nothing wrong with thumb. Yippee!! Am doing ok. Meditation comes when can do it but how can you relax overactive brain?? Hope you are doing good. Seriously talking with hubby to move to Alaska or overseas. But will see. Things need to do yet

        • Great to hear about your thumb!! Meditation is the way to relax an overactive brain.. or just wearing it down via heavy reading.

    • Well will do some reading later, some of homework after that. Watching show called “Supernatural “. Interesting show. Thanks for insights about meditation. Am glad back here and getting to talk with you again and all here!!

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