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  • Feel good today after my haircut!! Definately a lot cooler.

  • Well my apartment is done except for the dresser. Will vacuum tomorrow then sage apartment. Ten when furniture is out of kitchen will wash floor and resage there. Surgeon appointment went ok..lost 7lbs

  • Well started my journey bout 18 yrs ago but recently restarted bout 4 yrs ago off and on. Found lina’s grimoire doing a search been member ever since. I still have a long way to go but living the journey.

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  • Have some testing this morning towards my gastric sleeve surgery. Hate tests but will work and necessary.

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    Sharon Benitez posted in the group Tarot

    Received my one deck of Tarot Cards and ordered another set as well. I do have a Mini Cat one PLUS one that have to get stuff put on so don’t tear

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    • awesome! I have a witches deck somewhere and I bought a gilded tarot deck to practice with in the early days… I can’t wait to have my cards finally done 🙏🏼

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    Sharon Benitez posted in the group Tarot

    What is the best way to learn tarot? Just curious

    • There are several good books you can read. I used to teach and have some material I can share.

      • I learned by practice with the books. I’m thinking of putting together a tarot learning course here on Luna’s Grimoire… do you think it’s worth it?

        • I think it’s absolutely worth it!! Go for it!!

          • okay, that’s the next project then, after the other two! 🤣

            • And I thought I was busy with part time college, Full Time Job, redecorating apartment, dealing with my new “Normal” since hubby died AND now have to build something!! Am so scared that will end up missing limbs……..

              • Just be careful and watch a few safety videos and don’t proceed if you’re unsure. you’ll be fine! I’m always busy… the work is never done and the list is always growing. Finish one thing and three new things appear LOL

  • Well am slowly getting back into my reading to learn more about my craft. Have a friend on the East Coast that is helping me along as well. We are sending good vibes to her boss who has some medical issues. Now the question is that when do that, my head hurts. Is there a reason why that is?/ (he does have a cancerous brain tumor

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    • it’s draining when you send out energy like that and the headache could be from that. but there are occasions when empaths can feel the recipient’s ailments (pain, pressure, etc). be sure to ground and centre before and after every time you send energy

  • Ok stupid question. How do you know, after becoming a monthly member if you are?? Think did something wrong but not sure

    • Hello Sharon, the content like crystals and herbs will be unlocked 🙂

      • Also if you go to your profile, click on shop and you’ll see subscriptions there and it should be there as well

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