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  • Sharon Benitez posted an update in the group Group logo of Simple Witch SchoolSimple Witch School 1 month ago

    Hi!! Looking forward to Yule this yr. Will light some candles, relax, read, couple movies and enjoy. Does anyone have suggestions on activity for this holiday?

    • You could burn a yule log. If you don’t have a fire place or fire pit there are some great recipes online for a yule log roll that you can bake and eat instead.

    • Luna replied 1 month ago

      I’m going to be outside appreciating nature for a bit. This year has been quite a struggle for me in every way possible. But 2018 holds so much positivity, so I’m just being grateful for the lessons learned for a better year moving forward 🙂

  • Sharon Benitez posted an update in the group Group logo of Coven of WiccaCoven of Wicca 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Am thinking about a spell for a possible move. If wanting to move to a safer/better place for employment, rentals is there something that I should be doing? Husband and I want to move but also want to be safe. Do you scary, ritual or combo of various things? Just asking

    • Luna replied 1 month ago

      Just meditate on it, but that’s my style… Lots of people do rituals and stuff. I just prefer to be quiet, and listen now.

  • Well severely sprained my ankle. On crutches for two weeks but now am walking without crutches and a leg brace. Will have to go to neurologist to see why left leg tremors. But am loving college!

  • Well been caught up with school work that haven’t been working with my Tarot Cards. Will do that today before class work. I know takes practice but still terrifying. But I figured out how do this: treat it like a non-graded class. Do a little everyday till is natural like breathing. See if it works

  • Hey everyone!! Does anyone ever smell roses? I do but not often. But when I do find out someone has passed it “crossed over the bridge”. Once in awhile smell some strange scent or wood burning. But don’t see a fire. What’s up with this?

  • Am now in second semester of college. English Comp 122. Is going ok but not sure yet. Hurt thumb at work on Thursday night. Will see on Tuesday if have a hairline fracture or just bruised. Typing one handed for school is nuts!!

    • Congrats on reaching your second semester! GO YOU!! Sorry about the thumb though, hope it’s not serious Sharon!

      • Well nothing wrong with thumb. Yippee!! Am doing ok. Meditation comes when can do it but how can you relax overactive brain?? Hope you are doing good. Seriously talking with hubby to move to Alaska or overseas. But will see. Things need to do yet

        • Luna replied 2 months ago

          Great to hear about your thumb!! Meditation is the way to relax an overactive brain.. or just wearing it down via heavy reading.

    • Well will do some reading later, some of homework after that. Watching show called “Supernatural “. Interesting show. Thanks for insights about meditation. Am glad back here and getting to talk with you again and all here!!

  • Sharon Benitez posted an update in the group Group logo of Simple Witch SchoolSimple Witch School 3 months ago

    Well I purchased a tarot deck and am interested in learning. How would I go about doing this? Also with the Wiccan name mine hasn’t been given but surely must have one does it just show up or what?

    • The best way to learn is by practice. The cards do have core meanings, but they mean different things to different people. I read more by intuition than anything else though. Most people just buy a book!

      With your name, let it come to you. Meditate on it. I wrote a simple piece on this:

    • Read the article and thanks. Explained things to me that never knew. School going ok. Hurt thumb at work so see orthopedic doctor on Tuesday. See if there is a fracture or not. But doing ok. Have a great day sister!!

  • Well college is going ok. Almost done first class and English Comp 122 starts October 16. Am a little nervous but is normal. Getting somewhat easier

  • Well am at half way finished with first class. Am doing well good and found out st this point getting an “A” or 96% for to this point. Yippee!!

  • Sharon Benitez joined the group Group logo of TarotTarot 4 months ago

  • Sharon Benitez posted an update 4 months ago

    Well finally got to sign in again!! Missed everybody! It will be 8 months that have been at Home Depot! I am now in a new adventure..,I am an undergraduate at SNHU!! Started September 4 as a Business Administration major. Going for an Associate in Science degree

  • Well started a new job and relocated closer. But weren’t even finished moving in and building fell due to ice and snow. Lost everything but did get help from Red Cross as well as my job. Sent out prayers and energy and worked!! Bought what needed etc and save rest. Universe hears you!!

    • I’m so sorry to hear that those things happened to you but I’m glad that things ended up figuring themselves out! Blessed be 🙂

  • Sharon Benitez posted an update 12 months ago

    Well start @Home Depot this Wednesday. Will be making a dollar more an HR than I do now. Will be getting 20 to 26 hrs per week while busy. January will be slow so might get 15 hrs per week. Will find out more during orientation. Yippee!!

  • Sharon Benitez posted an update 12 months ago

    Well had a job interview Monday and tentatively got a cashier position. Its at Home Depot and 20 to 26 hrs which is better than 12. Waiting for results from drug test and background ‘m. Guess sent out positive energies to the universe… answers!!

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