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    Outdoor shoes bondi sewing thread 250D/3
    Customized Bondi sewing Thread 250D/3
    Under Thread
    Back Thread for pre wound
    1.Materials:100% Bondi Yarn(75D-1000D) with various lengths and strands
    1) Suitable for making sofa, shoes, fashionable leather products, 2) Thread Weight:
    N/W. 80g nomally
    Colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Blue many colors fit for clients’s fabrics.
    Standard Packaging: 30 bobbins per woven bag(snake bag) Carton packing also
    Q1.Can you provide a free sample?
    A1.You can buy 5 pcs to see if conform to your requirements.
    Q2.What is your advantage to others?
    A2.We will provide order situation in real time, and we are specialized in production of nylon line, we can provide other Chinese goods to customer.
    Q3.What is your production capacity?
    A3.We have our own factory, can supply 800 tons per month.
    Q4.What is your products’ quality?
    A4.We are specialized in the production of nylon line for many years, the quality can be guaranteed. High-strength Bondi Sewing Thread manufacturers

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