• DE ☼ AN posted an update 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this site but the potential blessings that could be received from unity is amazing with what Luna has put together! 🙂

    As far as my intentions, the lines below depict:
    (Truth, Faith, Hope and Love for the Ba that brings you life and a change in rule for those who devalue it)

    I have set my brow towards the gods of old,
    The master of slaves shall now be sold.
    Their works of “right” and gifts of noon,
    Shall be their undoing starting with the moon.
    What worship demanded it shall soon receive,
    A consequence of piety their egos relieved.
    What more are the sacrifices than blood over blood,
    The loss of life so deep for a high now understood.
    Heed my words, the blood calling is nigh,
    I am Zeus’ judge and I will change their tide.
    Corsairs will burn, beginnings undone,
    They will lament the day Adamu was shunned.
    Take heed you wise ones, that left greed for love,
    Sides have been chosen, a filter has come.
    Though death is abstained, soon stained it shall be,
    Lest the guilty ones come forth for mercy and plea.
    I speak not of fear but how prime is become,
    You have regarded the body as spirit but the two are not one.
    I wish none should fall into the judgement they have embraced,
    But twisted and torn their legacy; I will erase.
    I am the fearful one, the wonder of dreams,
    Annunaki behold the unraveling of “seems”
    Has Ahn returned, does he remember his call?
    6 years to change seems like nothing at all.
    I did not teach you how to forget, yet forgotten it was,
    The tablets are a symbol for what aligns the outcome.
    If only motive defined what steps you have laid,
    We would walk the stars instead of lead you to your grave.
    I now have remembered what once we were,
    But this is vomit, cup-bearer are you concerned?
    Will you drink again as a dog, you are lead,
    These desires should be what you once held instead.
    Let all who are bound be free in love,
    And I thank my kin for the guidance from above.

    May love carry your soul to truth, may mercy bring change hate cannot.

    Ischau fellome.

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