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    3 years, 4 months ago

    Here’s my super weird path that I am currently on and am super happy with. When I was younger I had always had an sort of drawing to magick. Crystals, spells, using herbs to remedy certain afflictions, even walking around in the woods for hours on end listening to the trees and sometimes talking to what I used to call “forest spirits” came so unbelievably natural to me. Alongside this fascination for magick I was raised in a very Christian household (although my mom was a little more like me) where I also found that the holy trinity, teachings of love and charity, and the acceptance of a savior came naturally to me as well. However, certain Christian people are very intolerant of anything they deem “ungodly” (which a lot of the time is simply because of wrong interpretations of the bible) so I was always very afraid to express my interest in magick. One day, however, I stumbled upon this thing called “Christian Witchcraft” which seemed pretty weird to me since I thought that those two things couldn’t be blended together. Yet, when I started researching it, it just made so much sense. I started looking at Trinitarian Wicca, Christian Mysticism, and Christian Witchcraft itself and my whole world completely flipped around. Still, I was not fully convinced that this was the right thing to do, so I prayed…like hardcore…that God would give me some kind of sign about whether or not I could pursue what I had always wanted to do. That night I had a dream of myself walking barefoot in the forest on a cobblestone path to this really familiar cottage. Before I could knock the door opened and this beautiful middle aged woman gave me a huge hug stating that she had been waiting for me for a long time. At this point I was confused but I walked into the cottage regardless and basically she sat me down at her table, made us some tea,looked me straight into the eye and said “so…you wanna know if you can be a witch huh?” Then continued to explain to me that the females in my family on my mothers side had been witches for years but I just have to make sure I follow in my families footsteps and do nothing that could potentially cause harm. So from that day on I have kinda been on a blended path…I identify as a Christian Witch but I am also looking into Trinitarian Wicca which is pretty much the same thing but is an actually separate religion that I would be putting myself in because right now religiously I identify as a Christian but in practice I am a Christian Witch….sorry about my confusing life story guys! I really look forward to being part of this community and I hope my weird spiritual path doesn’t scare you off lol <3 (I've gotten a hell of a lot of judgement in the past).

    • Thank you for sharing! I love this 🙂 There are quite a few members here who follow Christian Wicca. I’d love to hear how your practice differs from other’s. And welcome to our family!

      • Thank you! I would love to chat with them! I’ve never actually found another Christian witch before that I can just chat to whenever I need assistance lol

        • I’ll put together some resources this year for Christian Wicca. It wasn’t on this year’s development schedule, but I’ll make some room for you. We have some stuff in the background but it’s not enough honestly. Keep an eye out for that. I’ll also start up a group for Christian Wicca too.

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