Prophetic dreams, energy, and purification.

Use in bath spells for psychic cleansing.

Use in sachets, amulets, or bath magick to enhance attractiveness and make yourself more love-inspiring.

Add an infusion of lovage to the bath immediately prior to attending court to bring victory.


Lovage is a warming and tonic herb for the digestive and respiratory systems. It is used primarily in the treatment of indigestion, poor appetite, wind, colic and bronchitis.

The roots, leaves and fruits are antispasmodic, aromatic, carminative, diaphoretic, digestive, diuretic, mildly expectorant and stimulant.

They are used internally in the treatment of disordered stomachs, especially cases of colic and flatulence in children, kidney stones, cystitis, painful menstruation and slow labour.

Externally, the root is used in the treatment of sore throats and aphthous ulcers.

The leaves, either eaten in salads or dried and infused as a tea, have been used as an emmenagogue.

The essential oil from the seeds is used by aromatherapists to remove freckles and spots from the face.

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