Been kind of beating myself up, thinking what should I write next in my blog here.  Well I decided I would tell you a little about me. And this could be one long article or I may go on with little basics for days.  Not sure I am all that interesting, but my thought is that people read a blog partly to see if they can connect on some level to other people.

My parents divorced when I was seven.  My Mom was a gay woman that I pretty sure didn’t accept/realize it before she got married.  Most of my childhood she was in the closet. It wasn’t until I got older that she was more open.  Even then she probably didn’t tell “everyone”.  I have one sister who is younger then me.  We both have three kids. I have three girls, and she has two girls and a boy.

I have one daughter from a previous relationship.  And two from my husband. Who, by the way, adopted the oldest and raises her as his own. Most people don’t even realize that she is not his.  I knew my husband when we were both in our late teens or early twenties.  We worked at the same company. I thought he was kind of nerdy, I guess and never really thought of him as boyfriend material.  I then saw him of and on over the next several years, friends weddings etc.  Then when I was living back home with mom and my oldest, I called him to come look at a computer issue. The rest as they say is history.  Not sure what else to share at this point I will fill you in on more details later, or perhaps I will write about current day to day activities.  If you read my blog and have an opinion about where you would like it to go next tell me please, I am open to ideas.

I guess not a whole lot of that was about me exactly.  It was more about those around me that I feel help make me who I am.



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